Aug 30, 2011

Mia's appointment was FANTASTIC!

Mia's 2nd check up here in the great state of Utah went flawlessly. We got in, we got out, and everything looked, "GREAT!" I am so so happy. I went in a little nervous because we had a little episode with bat poop (don't ask) but her levels were good... no changes...just fabulousness!

This is an old picture, but I wanted to document the little "bow" they put on her arm at her blood draws.  She loves it.  The blood draw this week was a nightmare, not going to lie.  I changed my mind... everything was wonderful except for the blood draw.  Some people can draw her blood and some can't.  I'm not faulting the can't people because I am sure I would be terrible... I just hate how some can get her vein flawlessly while others find it necessary to fish around with a needle in her tiny arm for 30 seconds.  It makes me want to take the needle and see how they like it ;-).  JUST KIDDING! Ok.... got that out. 

In other Mia news- she is talking up a storm and can pretty much communicate anything now.  She talks in full sentences and has even began the art of negotiation.  I have a list of her phrases...they are a crack up.  Ok, I'll share one real quick.  My favorite things she says, and she says it A lOT, is
"Oh, OK!... Yes" 
 She says it so enthusiastically, almost yelling it... like she just won something.  It is a general response to anything I ask.  "Mia, want to go potty? outside? for a walk? to bed?  She really wants to do just about anything I ask... and her response is adorable.  This pic is from when we went to Bear Lake... post coming soon. 

I love this picture!  Aunt Nat and Mia have a love love relationship.  Mia loves her and she loves Mia.  Nat is a professional aunt and having a single sister to love up your child is the best!  Not saying that an of my married family doesn't love her to pieces as well... it's just different.  When we were in Jackson Hole this past week we got on the topic of living wills and stuff.  Before I could say anything Nat pipped up and said, "I GET MIA!"  Not that I plan on going anywhere... but it's nice to know that someone will snatch her up if it ever came to that.  After a few minutes she said, "I'll take all the kids... we couldn't split them up."  That's my NATS!  Nat would  never let her wear Ketchup on her forehead all day...just sayin'.

She looks a little goofy in this shot... she was getting ready to pull her "picture face"  She puts her fingers in her mouth and pulls a face.  Goof ball!  I dedicate the second half of this post to one of her past boyfriends who claims that she was never on my blog.... not that he'll ever read this.   


Chell said...

I hate the blood takers that have to fish.... Last time I was in the hospital, I had one lady that was AMAZING. She drew my blood in the dark! Hit it first time just by feeling! I also learned that some people can give shots.... others can't. Glad the check up went great!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

glad to hear mia is doing great. love the pics of her and precious. what a sweet sister you have too offer to take all 4 kids...heaven forbid that happen...ok, enough of that! i think of you guys often and wish i could pop in and say hi or better yet go eat some yummy food with you....lexi was listing a few boys she may marry and jense was on her list! :) ok, done with the paragraph comment!

Stefenie said...

Wonderful to hear that all is well with Mia!