Aug 22, 2011

Pinatas aren't just for birthdays ya know

Jense doing what he does best!  The freezer is well stocked with his fish.  I think I will start encouraging him to "catch and release."  He has "caught and kept" enough fish.  We'll see how it goes.  This day however was all about Griffin.

Ellie and Ella. cute cute cute.  Ellie is pretty disappointed that Ella doesn't live here.  I am too. They would be great little friends... and Ellie needs some great little friends.

Griffin brought in a couple fish.  One of the fish he brought in was the biggest one I have seen come from the state park.  Good work Griff!  Way to make your first catch the best yet.

My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Craig brought a Pinata... cause they are awesome grandparents like that.  I think that we need start a tradition of pinatas not on birthdays.  Pinatas are all around great fun- at any gathering. 

Ells knocked the pinata right off of the tree.

Jense and Griffin had to be blind folded until the end to give the littles a few turns before it was destroyed.

Mia decided to jump in the water- gross!  Luckily we had some clothes in the car.  She was all about "mia's turn." 

Griffin finally destroyed the pinata.. and to our suprise there was nothing on the inside.  Just kidding, it was loaded with awesome candy.  chic-o-sticks, and the delicious mango suckers were our favorites.  John is really concerned about getting more of those suckers. He was the mango suckers spokesman for a week or so afterward.  "These suckers taste just like a mango!"  So funny.

Oh and Jessica (background) has the very very best caramel popcorn recipe on the planet.  I'm not kidding you.  Maybe I can convince her to share.  I took the whole bag home that Kathy made and only saved a little to share with the sisters (they had to try the goodness).  Kathy and Jessica, i am sure I gained five lbs from that bag of popcorn but it was sooo worth it!  There is definitely a secret ingredient that is super addicting.  One of you must cave and tell us what it is.   

The cones came in handy for collecting the candy... and wearing on your head.  

Once we got back to the house we played a couple rounds of Indian Poker.  We played with beans and I still don't know if we played it right, but it was fun to watch everyone with a card stuck to their forehead.  last thing about my two aunts... they have the best smiles.  My grandpa had the best smile, and all his kids got it.  There eyes sparkle when they smile or laugh and their smiles are infectious.  The signature Jensen smile... If you know them, then you'll agree.  

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