Aug 21, 2011

Summer Roll... kind of like a Spring Roll

A few things we did this summer part one:

Ellie graduated from  Kindergarten, they did a ceremony and little program.  She only had a few weeks to learn the songs, but did great.  This girl loves the stage and spot light.  She plays it off like she is shy… but she is secretly in her element.

At one of our family dinners my Dad quizzed us on our state capitals.  I bowed out early… who remembers state capitals?? Not me.  Although I do know the 50 states song… I taught it to my kids. Well, Jense and Elle. Raegan and Ken accessed their fifth grade geography and rambled them off like they studied them yesterday. 

 Snuggles.  Mia’s new thing is snuggling.  She requests it.  She says, “mommy… nuggle you?”  She gets all the nuggles she wants.  It is the sweetest thing and makes my soul sing.  I love snuggling this little girl.  There is no one around to take pictures of me and my mees snuggling… so here is one of her and her daddy. They are actually asleep, but Mia’s nuggles are complete with her arms around your neck. 

Mia finally got to bring in a fish... and a few since this picture. She and my dad have a dialogue pretty much every day.  “Papa…go fishin’ da day?”  Needless today… there are many a trips to the fishing place. We are starting to learn around here that Mia is the key to Papa's heart.  We use it to our advantage from time to time.

Sammers and his "same same" cousin.  She is older than him by a couple of hours, but it is fun to see the two of them together for the first time.   Sam's Swirl is really dominant in this picture.  Little swirl cone baby- I love him!

Nana should be a florist… or a gardener… or one who grows things… farmer?  check.  Anyway, she has beautiful flowers and plants… inside her house and surrounding it.  I got these shots right at the perfect moment. 

I had to throw the kids in for one pic before the flowers left us.

Oh the kisses.  Mia is such a little affectionate creature.  I love this pic!
Now if I could only get her bangs to grow.  

Car show-  We took the kids to the car show.  Jense was the most intrigued by the cars of course.  Elvis and Mees just wanted to go to the park with the slide. Everyone wins.

There were some pretty neat cars there.  Jense saw "octamus prime."  He is almost eight years old, maybe we should start correcting him.   Nah!

Sammers just wanted to wander around.  I decided to see how far away he would walk without coming back.  He never came back... he was off to see the cars.  Some kids are attached, and some kids just want to see the cars.  

He does have a pretty secure attachment though.... to his Nana.  I tell you, if you are a woman related to me... then he's not going anywhere.  He can't get enough of the ladies in his life.

More summer to come... I can't believe it's almost over.  I have to catch up and quick!


Brimaca said...

So sweet. His little cowlick is so darn cute. I wish I could see them all the time!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I haven't actually been to your blog outside of my emails in awhile...I like the new header!

Mimi said...

I had to switch up the header because it was WAY too big, but I was too lazy to change it. Blogher needed it smaller so the ad would show up. It was a quick fix... I want the rotating header, but need new pics. Hmmm wonder who could take those ;-)