Aug 23, 2011

Uncle Bim and the Hellewellies

Once again, Bim came into town...and once again I failed to take pictures. He got to meet Sammers.  He loved him... how can you not?  
I did take these pics when we all got together for Pioneer Day. 

The Hellewells (friends from college/ young married days) ward was having a pioneer day party complete with a massive slip n' slide.  The kids were not about to miss that kind of excitement. 

Ellie  went down a few times solo... then took her sister down over and over again. 

Matt and Peter went down a few times.  I should have gotten a better picture of this little man.  His eye lashes are out of this world! No one has eye lashes like him...  except for his mom.  Matt has an awesome job where he gets to be part of creating things like heart valves that are placed by going through a vein.  How cool is that?  Go Matt Go!! I don't want another open heart surgery!

This little beauty is new on the scene.  She let  me hold her for a minute.  Violet made Sam look like a baby monster. Jense thought her name was "violent" and later asked us: " is violent, violent?"  She is not... just a sweet dainty little feather of a baby.

Sam was busy being just that.  A monster!  He got acquainted with the sprinkler, then went and played at the park (a few feet away) all by himself. This kid is on a mission... he just doesn't sit still.

Roxy and her friend found something to ride down on.  Isn't Roxy such a cute name?  
They call her "Rocks"

Once Mia had a taste of the biggest slide she has ever been on, she couldn't get enough.  Ellie took her down that thing until it was time to leave.  Ellie is so great at putting her little siblings happiness before her own... LITTLE siblings ;-)

She definitely had fun herself.

Matt and "Russ Dawg" doing the hand off.  Anytime we are all together we enjoy reminiscing.  During this particular session of "remember when" I learned some really good things I didn't know previously.  I laughed... and am still laughing at some of the things that were brought to my attention.  Carrie's apartment (B 2 cool) and George Town 13 were close... let's just leave it at that.  Oh and there was a camping story in there too. Good times.

Later that night we got together and played a game... I can't remember the name of it... oh wait yes... Saboteur - Sabatosher if you're cool.  I have to admit, I am good at that game! At one point I think I almost peed my pants from laughing so much.   

Uncle Bim, please come back.  Your visit was far too short!  I guess it wasn't that short, but we didn't get to see you enough because you were "working." ;-)  I promise I will facilitate watching a movie without pausing it five million times. 


Chell said...

That slide looks way to fun!!

jayna said...

Whatever Uncle Bim told you was a lie. Other than that, looks like a wonderfully fun time and I am jealous that so many of my favorite people got together to play! (Isn't the noise Carrie makes when she is a saboteur the BEST?)
An anonymous B2 girl who didn't do any of the things Uncle Bim says.

Mimi said...

Jayna- HAA! Seriously, he is not to be trusted ;-) This time however it was Russ telling me the story. One in particular... I can still see her face, and I can't stop laughing. You are safe this go around, but I can't say the same for previous visits ;-) We all need to get together soon! You guys just need to move to Utah!! I know that is a fat chance, but it would be a riot fo show!

JonandLo said...

Hey there! You are up in Traverse Mnt in these pics right? We live just 30 seconds away from the sad to have missed you. Would have loved to see all you guys! Blogs are great huh..I loved looking in on your family. Take care. Where in Utah are you?

Carrie Hellewell said...

Oh sheesh. We had the best time hanging out with you guys!! Let's do it again. I love all the pictures! Uncle Bim needs to MOVE here!!

Mimi said...

Oh I would have loved to see you!! next time for sure. When you come visit let me know.

Carrie- amen!