Sep 13, 2011

Action Jackson Hole

JACKSON!  Can I start of by saying that most of the pictures I took are JUNK! The tiny blue camera I have might as well be in the garbage.  It is awful.  Thank you Ken for coming through with your fancy phone camera. 

We walked around for a smidge... and then ate at a super yummy Thai food place.  My mother has instilled a love for Thai food in all of us.  I think we are all half 

We first went on a "Joy ride" down a calm part of the river with hardly any rapids.  It was super relaxing and our guide told us some good stories about celebrities, runs of past, and his super clever jokes.  Oh, and he told us what tetons really means... as if we didn't already know! Maybe it is part of the job description to fill everyone in.  He was actually a good story teller... I didn't tell him that but I should have.  Would you believe me if I told you that the shorts I am wearing were my "warm ups" when I was in Drill Team... in High School??  Some things just can't leave the closet I suppose.  I love these shorts! I have probably worn them more than any other single item of clothing. If there are any other drill teamers out there reading my blog... do you still have yours?  I would love not to be in crazy camp solo.   

Suzie was getting ready to jump in.  Not really... it was just really really cold in the morning.  We got there early... and the sun was visible in the sky, but we couldn't feel it.. at all.

There was a massive stuffed Elk outside one of the shops.  I took some pics of Ken kissing the Elk...I mean pretend kissing cause that's just gross, but the camera... oh the camera.  If the kids didn't love it so much...

I guess you could say I am going through a phase where I can't be normal in any pictures... or maybe it's just the way I have been my whole life.  Me and my slisters.  and our deer friend.  he he. 

Nat- is super funny- that's all I have to say.  She used to blog... then she stopped.  It's disapointing really because she's gots jokes.  I just love the pose.  Que song "somebody to love" by Queen. 

Pretty sure only certain personality types can get away wearing this shirt.  
It did make me laugh though.

Here we are on the "raging river" or whitewater part.  Nat and I were "riding the bull" for awhile then John decided to join us for "lunch counter" and "big Kahuna."  
This is the picture where we were having the time of our lives. 

This is the picture where I almost died.  Seriously.  I couldn't breath and I swear we were underwater for longer than you should be in order to continue breathing.  John fell on me... I fell on Nathan... and then he hit me with his paddle.  It was all fun and games until your life flashes before you on the snake river in Jackson Hole.  Actually it was really fun, but I will not be riding the bull next time... I will be in the back... with the guide man.   Sadly the water that slammed into my face took my sunglasses with it.  I guess that could have been a good thing because I was told they weren't in style. 
  I wonder how many pair of sunglasses are in that river. 

Paddle meeting my head, water up my nose and in my ear....but totally worth it!  It was such a fun trip!

Things I want to remember about the trip are:

- getting to watch movies in the back seat (kids have it soo good) The back seat is where it's at.
- listening to Brian Regan, and laughing hysterically even though I've heard it all before.
- Having two of my sisters attack me when I was turned around getting something out of the back.
- Shopping at Shopko- good times.
- Calling my mom to see how kids are going and hearing her say "Put that down!" to one of the kids
- Watching my sister play Oregon Trail for 2+ hours
- Eating almost an entire bag of "fav reds" starbursts
- Ken's fancy chocolates, they were good... except the one that tasted like cleaner
- watching international house hunters

It was a great trip!  Thanks Jackson Hole!


Steven and Whitney said...

THANK YOU for the pictures of JH! I LOVE that place and swear I will retire there when Steven makes it big enough to afford it! As for the shorts...I totally remember those dang uglies, and I have to admit I still walk in all my parachute warm up pants in the winter, but my shorts are LONG gone. Good on ya for holding on to yours for so long!!

Brimaca said...

I'm am dying laughing. You are so funny. And we LOVE Brian Regan around here. He's the best.

Unknown said...

I didn't say your sunglasses werent "in style," I just said they were ugly.... Te amo mucho...

Mimi said...

whit- at least you have something from DT... makes me feel better!!

Unkonown- I know who you are- and yes, you did say ugly huh? Well, they get to be ugly at the bottom of the river now.