Sep 9, 2011

And Just like that

My boy headed off to his first day of Scouts. 

It was fishing night... I think the angels started singing when Jense found out it was fishing night.  Luckily he had his brand new fishing pole he got from Papa.

My little Scout.  He came home happy as a clam despite the fact he didn't get to actually fish.  He said they just did some "tests."  Maybe they learned how to tie some knots.  John spent the night teaching Jense the pledge, and how to salute the flag, and helped him do his first scouting assignment.  Jensen is so excited! I can't think of a more perfect candidate to be a scout!  We love you Jense! 


Anonymous said...

Why does Opie come to mind when I see these pictures.
Oh such simple pleasures for your little guy.

Brimaca said...

He is the perfect candidate!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

What a big boy! I can't believe it! The uniform does require tucking that shirt in...just sayin'.