Sep 25, 2011

Back at BYU

My mom and I took a break from the kid craziness and went to EDUCATION WEEK!!!! It was the perfect place to feel inspired and appreciate your life.  It is also extremely motivating.  If you need motivation then education week is for you. 

The second class I walked into I saw one of my favorite people alive!  Sara was sitting there... as if a spot light was glowing on her head.  I love this girl!  We were friends at BYU.  It was crazy to walk around campus with her that day.  It felt like no time had passed since we ruled that school (not really) almost ten years ago.  We were also EFY counselors together which basically means we spent the cheesiest summer of our lives together!  It was the most exciting summer of my life... and Sarah was such a fun and spunky counselor.  THEN, after our single ladies days we ended up in the same married student ward.  Then we moved... then she moved... but we have kept in touch via blogs.  Seeing her was the coolest thing ever.  I wish she lived here.  That would be nice.  I haven't seen her since our Provo days, but we didn't skip a beat!  Sarah, it was so great to see you!  I can't wait until next year!  Now you have to come.... every year.... for forever! :-)

I also ran into a few of my Washington people.  I took a picture of Angela and I together, but sadly that picture died in the cell phone/swiss days tragedy.  It was great to see you too!  One minute after seeing the relief society president from my Washington ward, I sat next to my Midway one.  I am pretty sure I am hooked on Education Week.  I did miss out on the ice cream, but it was still worth it. I stood in line at the creamery, but didn't want to be late for my next class.  Priorities. 

Ok, for journaling purposes I thought I would document a few thoughts/ things I learned at Ed week.  

- First off Mary Easton Black pretty much knows everything.  
Her class about the Savior was incredible.  I didn't take notes... I just took it in.
- Linda & Richard Eyre had some very wonderful parenting ideas.  Everything we want for our children cannot be given to them.  Self esteem, motivation, happiness, initiative... etc.  What we can give out children is ownership.  Ownership of conflicts, goals, values, decisions, privileges etc.  In their home when their children would argue both parties had to go sit on a bench and couldn't leave until they both recognized  what they did wrong.  When the both recognized and apologized they were allowed to leave.  I love this concept.  I am so tired of being the ref in arguments... SO TIRED!  They said that one of their children learned the term "provoked"  early on and used it often when he had to go to the bench.  I loved this idea.  

Another thing that I am aware of but they really emphasized is how I only get these little people for 1/5 of my life.  It goes by so quickly and how I need to just love them up and cherish the moments with them.  I feel like I do this, but it makes me want to record their every waking minute so I don't forget how stinking adorable they can be.  1/5 of my life!  Aaaaahhhh!
Ok, so I learned sooo much. Truly I did.  It was overwhelming really.  I can't keep my eyes open to finish this post and I started it over a month ago... so I'm just going to end it, and you'll have to trust me that education week is the BOMB DOT COM WITH ALL CAPS ON (just picked that up from my nephew, ahem)

If you missed education week, and are in need of some encouraging words that I guarantee you will love go HERE: click on watch the video... or read the full text.  I would pick video because I love his voice/accent. President Uchtdorf gave the most wonderful talk to all of the sister in his relief society address.  I loved it... you will too.


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh how fun. being spiritually uplifted and with friends and family is always great! oh, maybe we should plan on going to one together, that would be a blast!

Mimi said...

yes! You must come! I would love that!

Sarah said...

That was the best day ever!!! :) I loved getting to see you again so much, Meems. It really did feel like no time had passed at all, didn't it? It was WONDERFUL! Let's do it again!!! And maybe if we're so lucky we could get together with John and Christian and the kids when we come to Utah sometime. That would be SO FUN. Reading this made me miss you so much. We definitely need to do this again!