Sep 5, 2011

Bear Lake

My sister gave us their time share... I know I know...totally spoiled.  Actually we were at Bear Lake for the first five days and then they joined us on Friday.  We LOVED it! If we could live there, we would. 

The kids enjoyed mini golfing at the resort.  Jense and Ellie liked rushing through the course, hitting the ball over and over until they made it go into the hole.  Mia was another story... she would hit it then proclaim, "Oh.. so close!"  It was adorable.  Then, after hitting it a few times, she would just pick it up and put it in with her hand.  We'll teach them the rules next time. 

Elvis was super excited about climbing the palm trees.  She is constantly climbing the tree in the front yard, and this one she doesn't have to sneak to climb.  She is our little monkey. I really need to get this girl in gymnastics or climbing class. 

Jensen's highlight of our vacation was the go-karts.  He LOVED it!  John and Jens made a bank out of an empty milk carton to save up for their very own go-Kart.  Mia and Sam enjoyed riding go-karts too... Mia was the driver ;-)

When the Bowns arrived they got a jet-ski.  Mia was the only one of our kids that wanted to go on it.  She is a thrill seeker... and wanted to go "faster" the entire time.  I love this kid!

Ethan and Ikey went out on the lake together.   

Rae kindly pushed us out... I just sat there, and enjoyed the ride. She drives like a crazy person just like last time we went to Bear Lake.

Look at this beach BABE!  He had the time of his life. it doesn't get much better.  
Sammy was such a joy and ran around like he was, well, on vacation.  

I could watch these two play on the beach all day long.  They were so happy... I was so happy!

Ells was a good sport and pushed the littles on the swings to their hearts content.  She would also jump in and out of the way which really got them laughing. 

One of the kids at the resort had an awesome "mote catrol."  This thing was super fast and could spin around like nothing electronic I have ever seen.  Jense was of course a magnet to it, and luckily the kid was all about sharing.  Jense had something new on his list for his birthday.  Too bad we already bought him his "big" present.  Maybe next year buddy.  Oh, this was our view from the room... it was fabulous! Can't wait for next year ;-)

Mia spent a good 2+ hours playing in the sand with that shovel and pale. I love how she wanted to keep her arm floaties on... she is developing her sense of style.

Jense and Ikey played in the sand for hours as well. Jense built two sandcastles.  Both of them involved a spare tire he found on the beach.

 After Jense built his castle the girls came along and destroyed it... along with senior destructo Sammer.  Don't they look guilty? 

Jense had a go on the Palm Tree climb.  He climbed in flip flops...and zipped right up the tree.  

Sammers! I am sure he is yelling something in this picture, but I don't remember what it was.  He is a baby with some strong vocal chords.  He loves to let his voice be heard... not in crying... just yelling and screaming. 

Sam is all sorts of brave these days.  He would leave the Condo and head straight to the playground to get to the swings.  He didn't care if anyone was following him or not.  Once he reached the swing he would grunt and yell in Sam fashion until someone put him in the swing.  Then all happiness ensued and Squeals of Joy resumed. 

He is doing so many fun things right now, I need to do another post about Sammer Jam. 

We also went to BINGO night.  The kids were huge fans of Bingo.  They came away with a few free rounds of mini golf.  No, they didn't win bingo... but the bingo guy was giving away prizes for really random things.  Ellie being the determined one that she is won two... and of course she gave them both to her brother.  I think she told him a knock knock joke for one and I can't remember the other. 

Jense.  I forgot to group this with his others.... so here it is.  

Jensen loved "BACATION" Oh and in case you are wondering he says this correctly now, but John and I will forever call it this.  Every time we go somewhere he is always really preoccupied with how many nights we will be staying.  He likes to go over it, over and over again.  He was ecstatic when we told him were were staying almost the whole week.  

 Most of the days were filled with swimming at the pool.  Yes, the pool, not the lake.  We could only drag the kids away to eat and sleep.  After fighting over who's turn it was to do tricks with daddy we had to start setting a schedule.  All of the kids couldn't get enough flying through the air and landing in the pool... or daddy catching them for the littles.  We had to watch Sam close because after his turn he was guns a blazin' trying to get back in the pool.  He jumped in a few times (when John was ready) without any help.  Mia was a little more cautious but was still really anxious for, "Mia turn?" They had the time of their lives in that pool.  You can tell from the pictures! Daddy got a work out... and a little repremanding from me.  He liked to put them on his shoulders and bob in and out of the water.  The kids would go under water for a few seconds then pop back out... there is a picture up there.  I know some people purposefully do this to teach their babies to swim.  I am not one of those people.  I hate getting water up my nose- HATE IT!  Jense gets his nose plugging from me.  All the kids got plenty of turns and momma got plenty of pictures... this is only a small fraction.  I know, I know.

We truly had a wonderful time.  It was the most relaxed down time we have had in a really long time.  Thanks Bowns for the perfect vacation- we loved it!


Misty said...

Hello Mimi! Looks like you guys are having a blast! Great to see all smiles in the pictures! Hope things continue to go well for you all!!! I do miss Mia! Good to see she is happy and having fun!!

Mimi said...

MISTY!!! We miss you so much! Seriously. There is a void from our weekly shenanigans.

Hope you are doing great!!!

jayna said...

Great job on the pics= the pool ones were spectacular!

Brimaca said...

That's it! I'm stealing your kids. They are too cute and fun!