Sep 9, 2011

Boat Party!!!

Jense prepping for his boat party

He drilled the holes

Nana and Papa did all of the cutting and sanding

He really really loved using the drill press.

I loved watching the wood curls fly 

Jense gave Ellie a turn 

Mia's was in charge of blowing all of the wood scraps off of the table

Oh and wearing Ellie's shirt too. 

Worrying about kids and nail guns, Jense and Nana pre nailed the pieces together. 

Time to assemble, glue, and paint 

Kids and spray paint... excellent combination! 

Then it was off to play Sharks and Minnows.

Jense was a shark...

What a cute shark he was.

The balloon relay was a hit... when you all get to pop a balloon with your backside...everybody wins. 

Ok- Jense insisted on wearing his baseball shirt on his birthday because it said "Royals" on the front, and he would feel "royal" on his birthday. I didn't object.

Little Elvis

Water relay was a great way to cool off.  Sammers and Mia got in on the action.

Jense wanted sloppy Joe's for his birthday which is an excellent party food because you can just slap it in the crock pot and you're done.  He also picked out cheetos (surprise surprise) watermelon, and grapes.  Once again he wanted to serve artichokes... once again I redirected.  Jense someday I will serve artichokes at your party... just not with kids that aren't going to eat them.

Hungry hungry boys. 

Jense got some awesome gifts for his birthday... including scout stuff - yes scout stuff.  so crazy I have a scout.  Thanks Mom and Bowns for the full set up.

You can't go wrong with Legos and this boy. 

Jensen's entire "plan" for the party was for everyone to make a wooden boat and then a candy boat.  I have never made a candy boat... but we made little kits the night before and all the kids got to assemble their very own candy boats.  The life saver is the life preserver... in case you didn't get it.

Ellie's candy boat

Mia went on her first drive with a boy. 

Then she ran away 

Then he decided to change it from a lovely stroll into the crash up derby. 

Boat cake.  It looks just like the wooden boats yes?  he he.  I totally forgot to put the sail on, but the kids didn't care.  For the first time in my life we had the perfect amount of cake. 

I think I know what he's wishing for....

The boat pinata of the century.  My mom made a pinata of steele. 
My dad insisted that it wouldn't last but boy ohs boy was he wrong. 

Even after a few turns Jense couldn't make a dent in his pinata...

Luckily Aunt Rae showed up and helped out a ton! Thanks Rae!

Seriously, this thing is not budging!  My mom doesn't mess around when it comes to pinatas.  She called it the Uboat, or something. I pretended I knew her reference... but am still clueless.

Daddy had to unleash his fury on the pinata so the kids could get to the candy... it seriously wouldn't budge.  Way to save the day dad... and fulfill you're dream of having a pinata all to yourself.

There were 16 all together, but I only took pictures of a few. Most of the boys had already taken their boats home.  I loved how they turned out.  

 Oh and the sails and strings... and they are ready for the water. 

Jense and a few of his buddies with their new fancy sail boats.

Jensen said, "Mom, I love this party!"  I am so glad because he was a little grouchy at the begining of the party because we wanted everyone to be able to jump off of the roof.  I still don't understand why... but he was convinced it would be fun for all.

We got a screaming deal on KSL for this little mini motorcycle.  He has wanted one forever.  I still can't decide if it's ok, but it is just so hard to disappoint this kid.  He is such a good boy.  He kept telling me how he wanted one for Christmas but that Santa didn't bring it to him.

It was "the best present EVER! 

Jensen's dream come true! 

Mia was up to her usual goofiness at the party.  
She has been a little sick. The first time since May- so great! 

Ellie might just like it as much as Jense.  We told her she could only go with a big person....

Then we caved and let her go solo.  My only rule was that they had to wear helmets when they rode it.  So far, they are doing great with mom's rule.

I love this picture of little prancing Abby... she is practically flying. 

After Jense got his motorcycle... his Papa presented him with this totally awesome fishing pole.  A real big boy fishing pole.  Pretty sure his crazy face says it all. 

Mia wanted a ride too.  I had to take her for a wee spin.  She is getting so brave.  She kept saying "Mia turn!"  after her turn was all over.  We'll have to find a Mia sized helmet in storage. 

Happy Birthday Jensen buddy!  I hope your boat party was everything you hoped it would be.  I could never have pulled it off by myself.  Your Nana and Papa spent a lot of time sawing and sanding and helping you drill.  You are one lucky dude!  I can't wait to decide what you come up with for next year... but pretty please don't request artichokes! :-)  Love you son!


Team Burton said...

Meems! You are the BEST mama! And I love Jensen's scooter...make sure he names it. Mine is named Maylene!

Brimaca said...

I love the pic of jensen with his new fishing pool. He's awesome!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love all these pictures, what a fun and special and over the top birthday party to remember! I can't imagine a little guy who could ask for anything better than a mini-motorcycle! Amazing!