Sep 2, 2011

"I want to smell good for my party tomorrow"

This was the phrase Jensen uttered as he asked if it was ok to use the toy story bubble bath (we use for the kids) for his shower the night before.  He was concerned about smelling good for the party.  Oh the cuteness.  He came home sweaty and hot from school and didn't stop running around until his party was over.  I think all of his toy story bubble bath smell was gone by then. If you didn't guess already, my boy is 8 years old today.  I am happy!  Usually I blog about a big sob story about how I don't want one of my kids to grow up or how I can't handle getting old... yadda yadda.  Jense is just a delight, and watching him grow up is fun.  He has been looking forward to turning 8 for years!  This is a big year!  I rummaged through the last couple months and found some pictures on which to spotlight my little handsome eight year old buddy.  

First up,  his love for fishing.  When he can't go to the fishing place he masters his own fish out of paper and practices casting it off the front porch.  Jense is a doer... he never asked for anything. He found his own paper, went about his business, then I found him fishing in the front yard.  He is always creating... always using his imagination.

Next, this boy is really into bikes.  This paticular bike we pulled out of "the hole" and pumped up the tires.  I think this used to be Raegan's bike, but Jense has taken over ownership.  He thinks banana seats are the coolest thing ever and his friends come over to ride it.  John and Jense have been doing "bike shop" for years.  They tune up the bikes, and put air in the tires.  John's latest shenanigan was teaching him how to change the tires so he now likes to swap around the wheels.  Ellie currently has two different wheels on her bike, and they will probably stay that way for sometimes because we lost daddies ratchet.

His next love is this suitcase full of matchbox cars.  He has owned this since he was 3 or so.  I picked it up at a garage sale and he plays with these cars at least every other day.  He keeps them in toe all the time too.  He sets up jumps, and hooks up the tracks to trees or something high and launches the cars down.  He is my matchbox boy. 

Oh the kisses!  I love Mia's little duck beak...completely missing his lips.  Jense is such a sweet brother to his little sister.  He makes her laugh all the time by acting really goofy.  Mia laughs hysterically at Jensen... no one can make her laugh as much as he can.  Since he has been back in school she has been asking for him.  It is super sweet and sad at the same time. 

Like I mentioned he is always creating.  He put these letters together... "especially for you mom!"  He is such a sweet kid and makes me feel loved.  He draws pictures, writes notes, and lets me know he appreciates me.  I couldn't ask for a sweeter child. 

For my bro-in-laws 40th we set up a photo booth.  We got some silly glasses and disguises for the occasion.  Jense had fun with his siblings and cousin.  He looks good in a disguise. 

He loves treats too.  His favorite treat that he gets more excited about than other possible delicacy is an artichoke.  Artichokes are better than candy in his book.  Next to artichokes he loves raspberries, blueberries, pancakes, pasta, pizza, and chicken nuggets.  Oh, and he doesn't mind candy either.

We had a lake day awhile back.  Still in the long list of blogs I haven't posted yet.  Jense had lost a few teeth and this grin shows his "windows" perfectly. 

My dad was teaching Jense all the different types of cars he had in his suitcase.  What is it with boys and cars.  They get so excited about makes, models, colors, etc.  Sammy is even making the car noise when he plays with cars.  The love of cars starts early and never goes away.  Even up until old are you now dad? ;-) 

Geronimo!  J-dog loves the water! He loves it.  He spent four days solid at a pool. We were at the lake, but he didn't leave the pool. 

Jense is excited about everything.  He can barely contain himself when anticipating an activity.  he is the kid that constantly asks how much longer until we get there.  He likes to break it down too... just to keep us on our toes.  "How many more minutes?"  "How many more blocks?"  "How many more hours?"  He gets anxious when he knows something fun is coming up.

Onto his next love... "MOTE CATROLS"  He can actually say it correctly now, it is I who refuses to move on.  John and I still call it a "mote catrols" because he called it that for soooo long and we thought it was soooo cute!  One of the kids at the lake let him drive his car... this thing was fast and could spin around like crazy.  I wanted one.

I know I mentioned it, but he is always creating.  I just threw away (sorry Jense) some rockets he made out of 2 liter bottles.  They had cardboard wings and everything.  He is a kenecs mad man.  He is always bringing me things he "kenected" together.  He is my praise and approval seeking child (enter first born) and I am more than happy to provide it.  He is a pleaser and I am to be pleased ;-)  he he

After making the boat with his Papa.. he changed his mind from a fishing party to a boat making party.  My parents cut out all the wood pieces and Jense got to drill in all the holes.  He was pumped... for weeks before his party.  Party Blog to come.

He is such a cute little concentrator!! A few things I want to remember about you about this age are:

- How you run in the house and find me and say, "Hi mom" then go back to what you were doing.

- How you can throw a spiral football way better than I can.  Your daddy taught you well

- How easily you make friends and play well with everyone.  Ellie is the exception... sometimes.

- How you said "Yeah mom, that's what I'm talkin' about!"

- How you get a lot of your funny sayings from your dad.

- How when you get laughing, you can't stop.

- The phrase, "I'm all ready to go!" and how you use it with such excitement

- How you appologize to your sister even when you're not in the wrong

- How well you play with Mia and how much fun you have with her.

- How you can't sleep unless I've sung to you for the night (sometimes I just want you to go to bed). :-)

- How suddenly you are into listening only to "boy songs"

- How sometimes you get in trouble at church because you laugh during the prayer.  You are generally pretty good in class and when you are reading this in 10 years just know that I laughed during many a prayer.  When you know you aren't supposed to laugh, everything is funny and it's impossible to hold it in.

- Your endless questions

- Your fun and inventive imagination

- I want to remember how you look to the side a little bit with a big cheesy grin and your body moves slightly side to side when you are proud of yourself.

Jense I couldn't be more proud of you!  You are a fun, happy, sweet, responsible eight year old.  Happy Birthday buddy! I hope this was your best birthday yet!


Kaidence's Mommy said...

My McCaden and him would be in heaven together. I am sure the two of them would invent something amazing and make us rich....ha ha! He sounds like he is a little business man like my M. Let's get them together and they could build, rip things apart and figure how they work all day long.

I hope he has a wonderful 8th Birthday!!!!! It's a big one!

The Simmons Family said...

Happy Birthday J!! I hope you have a super fun boat building party!!

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and i came across your site. Jensen is such a real boy, loves real boy stuff and full of energy and fun. He is such a great, and caring big brother to Mia. Mia is beautiful, a courageous, strong and determined fighter. SHe is a brave warrior,s milen champ and an inspriational hero. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and developmental delays.