Sep 28, 2011

Mia Girl

I took this pictures of Miss Mees when we were headed to her first dentist appointment.  I don't know why the need to get her all fancy, but up until recently we didn't get out in public very often.  The dentist's office personnel thought she was adorable.  Rightly so :-) Oh, and she has no cavities which is nothing less than a miracle because of her bottle drinking.  I worked so hard to get her to drink it, it seems so mean to take it away, but it NEEDS to happen!  Maybe I should do a countdown.

Mia is developing quite the spunky personality and I couldn't possibly love her more.  Take this picture for example.  When I told her to smile she started to dance.  She sways back and forth quickly- slightly lifting her feet.  She doesn't bend her knees at all, and puts her fists up to her arm pits.  It's her own loverly little dance... the Mia dance.  She does this dance often... especially when music is on.  She is generally in such a good mood.  The other day my dad said, "there is no flies on Mia."  I didn't know what it means, I guess I still don't... but I think it means she is always happy, or nothing bothers her.  Ok, I just asked my mom... sadly I was wrong- I guess it means she is sharp/ clever.  I guess you could say I am covered in flies!!! :-)  woopsie.

She looks like a little doll in this picture.  Excuse all of the pictures... I just started using a different editing software and these pictures were the ones I started exploring the software with.  Actually, if you've been reading my blog for awhile now you will no that I post a ridiculous amount of pictures every post regardless of new software.  Anyway... yes, a doll.  She is so precious and delicate in this picture.  I just want to keep her safe from all the sadness and owies in her future.  On the medical front she is doing well. She has been battling a cold for a few weeks, but it hasn't slowed her down one bit. 

The super fancy head band is from one Mrs. Princess Pookie.  She sent me all sorts of goodies in the mail. It was wrapped all fancily... if her name was pookie it would be fancy!  Thanks Jo!

"Take a pitur mommy!"  When Mia does something cute... or what she thinks is cute, she will tell me to take a picture of her.  I of course am always more than willing to take a "pitur" of my girlie.  She does a lot of cute things... like when she grabs my face with her sweet little hand and says, "mommy, you're da bes."  We say that to her all the time, but when she says it it's like being given an award.

Another thing she says that is so fun is, "How 'bout????"  She is a fantastic negotiator right now.  When I ask her almost anything she will first reply, "How 'bout?" then she will come up with her own option.  She is especially adept when it comes to 'negotiating how many potty treats she gets.  She will hold up her fingers (usually three) and say, "How bout three potty treats?"  I usually give her two.  She will also call her potty treats "chocit."  We have had a long stretch of tootsie rolls and she thinks they are chocolate.  I have to say I sneak tootsie rolls like they were yummy chocolate.  I don't know if it's desperation for a treat, or if I am actually starting to appreciate the tootsie roll.

Mia is our little smarty.  She knows the sounds the letters make and can count pretty well. Thanks electronic devices! :-0  This girl knows her way around an ipad.  Daddy had to have one for school then quickly decided against it.  I tried to sell it on KSL, but selling it now would be taking away Mia's BFF.  My favorite app EVER is the primary song app. She is learning primary songs and will sing some of them when prompted.  Hearing her sing, "I am like a star shineen brighleeee, shineen a ho world a seeee" is music to my ears.  We have a talent show coming up, I think we have our star!

Mia is my little angel.  I can't get enough of her little personality.  She is affectionate and sweet and spunky and fun. She is our little miracle and I think about how lucky we are to have have her every day.  Our family wouldn't be the same with out her... and we definitely wouldn't be able to manipulate papa the way we do without her! :-)  She is our secret weapon and has her papa wrapped around her finger.  Let's be honest... she has us all wrapped around her tiny sweet little finger.  Love you Mia!


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

B E A U T I F U L "piturs"

Katie said...

Oh, love that girl too. Miss knowing you guys are not in Washington anymore... someday, we'll make a trip to see you or let us know if you come up here! I can't believe how big she's getting, she does look great! Love her hair and headband :) Always a cutie.

Brimaca said...

She does have US ALL wrapped around her tiny finger!

Team Burton said...

These are stunning!! Like usual.

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Oh. My. She is so Ellie in that last picture! I love her!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so stinkin cute! i don't even know what else to say except i love seeing her and hearing how great she (all of you) are doing! she has many wrapped around her lil' finger! :) i'm sure she could get just about anything from anyone!