Sep 13, 2011

Pees and Carrots and Aneminies

Sam and Mia get a long for the most part.  HOWEVER... and it is a big however... they like to pester each other.  This particular day they were teasing each other with peacock feathers.  In general, Mia will stand next to Sam and yell which delivers the exact result she was hoping for.  He swats her.  Then she will scream some more and he will back away then run back and swat her again.

Update:  Mia has learned to run away

Update #2  Sam Sam is now the one running away.  Mia has discovered that she is older, stronger, and faster.

For the most part Mia is super sweet to Sam, but there are a few items that you don't mess with... like anything shuboo for example.  If it has a strawberry shortcake on it and Sam touches it... Mia's vocal chords kick into action.

They are kind of in a groove of taking turns, which is really nice for me.

- you can tell from this pic that potty training is going GREAT! aaand we were cleaning out the garage... in case you were wondering about the junk/ peacock feathers.  We don't usually have peacock feathers kicking around.

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