Sep 17, 2011


Sammers has been entirely left behind on this blog, but not in what is going on in our lives! If you were wondering how the swirl at the front of his head is working out- well here is a pretty good representation of what it looks like on a daily basis.  John Boy wants to cut his hair... my mom likes it long.  Who will win in the end?  Probably daddy because he takes matters into his own hands.

Here is what he is up to-

He is one happy little dude.  He smiles nonstop, laughs like he just learned how every day,
and is just such a fun kid.

He gives me kisses and gives them to me any time I ask.  It makes my heart sing. 

He is starting to turn on me a little however... like all my babies seem to do at 18 months- with the exception of Mia. She skipped right over the naughtiness. 

He is really animated and likes to do things to make people laugh.  His latest move is to climb under the glass table and stand up quickly bonking his head on the glass so Mia, and who ever is watching will laugh.  The two of them laugh hysterically and keep doing it until we pull them out.  It must hurt their heads, but they do it anyways.

"MORES!"  Sammy has been signing more for awhile now.   I love when he asks for more.  He uses it for things other than food... the cross over is adorable. When he waves goodbye I look at him like he is my first kid to wave goodbye.  Those little wrists are so sweet.

"HEH WOAH!"  When he says hello, you are compelled to make him keep saying it because he says it sooo cute.  I need to get it on film, because I swear it's the cutest thing I've ever heard.  The other day we were just outside hanging out and he kept poking his head out of the fred flinstone car saying "heh woah" over and over.  That's it, his "heh woah" needs it own post. 

- He does this little shuffle scoot around the house... it is his little dance. He marches in place for a few seconds then goes forward and backward and sometimes spins.  He keeps himself pretty entertained.  I love it! 

- He is a super intense dancer.  Anytime music is on this kid has got the beat.  He flaps his hands like they are burning and spins around in a circle.  Then he will stop and sway side to side, then he will move his head around like Stevie Wonder.  He has all sorts of moves at only 17 months old.  

-He is getting a little mean spirited.  Using his hand flapping techniques... he tries to play it off like hes dancing, but he will walk over to Mia flap intentionally...right at her body... and he hits her, and it's mean.  She cries and he feels no remorse.  This is a new development... I don't have it in my parenting repertoire to handle this.  I remember Jensen and Ellie would fight when they were little, but Elvis knew how to defend herself.  Mia is slowly figuring out that if Sammy isn't around it's better for her well being.  She has requested a few times, "Sammy go ni-night?"  I am trying to teach her to run away... she likes that idea. I think think he likes the reaction he gets from us, so we are back at the drawing board.

-He grabs the shades... looks for an audience... then when someone is watching he slams them repeatedly into the window.  Then laughs. 

Despite being busy and a bit of a bully to his older sister he is the funnest little toddler with so much personality.  He is just pure fun.  He makes so many different faces and has his own little language but can communicate.  He does say the following with real words
- Ba (bottle)
- buh buh (bye)
- Mom, momma
- Dada, dad
-Dat (that)
- Heh woah (hello)
- yes 
- no
-OUT! out
- sauce (soft)
- Nana
- Up
- ought oh
- maa! -kisses

It's funny but sometimes Sam can repeat exactly what we say.  It is bizarre... something totally out of the blue, but he says it crystal clear the first time, but will never repeat it.  


Christy said...

He is one cute little fella!!!!! I love their little personalities at this stage, even though you are absolutely right and they do start to turn on you a little! Spencer is starting to defend himself and pinch Brigitte when she takes away his toys. Its terrible , but so hilarious to see him SO mad! Time flies, I cant imagine how much I will want my last baby to STAY SMALL!!!!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

wow, i can't believe how old and how much like jense he is looking. sorry he is turning on least he still give you kisses all the time! give your family hugs for me. miss you

Brimaca said...

Whenever people say hello to us at Malachi's school Damon will just stare at them and then as we walk away in a sing-song voice he'll say, "Hewhoa, habadomonna." And since they can no longer see him it sounds like me mocking them. Every. Time. I will be posting about it soon. :) Love ha Mimi.