Sep 12, 2011

Sweet Summer Time

There are a few summer time blogs I never posted... so I'll just slap'em into one and call it a day.  Summer time is fleeting quickly.  I felt the chill of fall tonight while we were fishing.  It is almost here.  Halloween costumes here we come.  I just wish we had a few more weeks of warm evenings... that is my number one favorite thing about Utah.  No wait, I mean sunsets are my favorite... no wait, Cafe Rio... I mean the mountains, er my family (I guess they should be higher on the list eh?)  But really,  Walking out of your door at 9 pm and feeling warm... doesn't get any better than that!   

Carmel Popcorn-  no I don't have the recipe yet.  They are holding out I tell ya. 

Ellie loves to mix.  If you are mixing something she is right by your side. 

I wonder if the desire to mix things ever goes away.  I love to mix things too. Love it. 
That is why I never use my KitchenAid... sorry B!

Ellie made some homemade bread with Papa... Papa style. 

She was so proud of her bread 

Then Jense tried to get in the shot and all happiness went out the window 

Then it was restored.  Yummy bread for everyone. 

Ellie fell asleep in this laundry basket.  See... I told you she was a basket case! :-)

She set up a "Jewelry Shop"  It was a bunch of her Jewelry and mine.   
I should have known better than to give this girl my Jewlery.  One of my favorite earrings... gone!  You don't just replace my kind of earrings either!  They are clip on, and no one makes clip on's.  
All in the name of fun I suppose.

I met some girlfriends at the park.  It was so great to see all of them and their kiddos.  We are all grown up now (although I don't feel like it) and have so many kids.  It was so great to see you all!  

Ellie and Ellie had fun playing with the "kid camera."  They took about 20 pictures... here are a few

Handsome little dude. 

Jense is up to his usual car/track creativity.

Then he selects the perfect car for a test run on the track... hanging from a tree.
 He had fun running around with his new friends.

Ellie was sad that her instant friend Ellie didn't live here.  Frankly I am too. 

Mees and my girl friend Erin.  Erin (Ellie's and Benny boys mom) was one of my highschool friends that followed Mia's story and was very supportive throughout it all.  It was so nice to have friends from home loving her so much.  When she met Mia she said, "I just want her to like me."  It's safe to say that she does!  Mia is such a sweetie... and I think she knows how much everyone prayed for her and loved her up.  Thanks Erin for all of the encouragement during Mia's wait and recovery.  

Brittany (far left in park pic) and I got together again, but this time we stopped at "The Train Place"  for lunch!  It is super tasty.  They now have these fancy drink machines that will pretty much mix any flavor into any kind of soda that you want.  Hello Vanilla Dr. Pepper! The kids shot their dart guns for awhile then it was back to seeing her kids only on the computer.  She is such a great blogger!  We both blog it all... and we both love ourselves for it ;-)  She also was a big support via blogging world.  It was so fun to get together Britt! Can't wait until you come visit again. 

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