Sep 21, 2011

Swiss Days Highlights

This is the place people... the only place to purchase bratselis.  They are divine.  John doesn't care for them... but then again he puts ketchup on tacos so I'm pretty sure his taste buds are a little shall we say.... confused?  I helped make the bratselis this year, but eating them after making them was frowned upon.  This booth was the first stop on m list. 

Honoring the veterans.... cute veterans.  This is also where you need to be to listen to all manner of yodeling.  Lots and lots of yodeling.

Mia was sick... first time since May.  Here we are waiting in line for the beloved bratselis.  I have had people ask me if she had a stroke because of her left arm.  I always say... no.  When i see pictures like this I wonder if I'm wrong.  She definitely holds her left arm like that a lot. hmmmm.

You can't tell really tell but her right arm is behind her back with her wrist touching her back... like she was about to get lippy with somebody.  She is so cute.  Her little hair buns fell out, but she is still the sweetest little peanut.  Hopefully next year she won't be sick and will enjoy Swiss Days a little more.

I volunteered in the PTA booth... cause I'm all PTAish like that.  It was actually really fun working in that booth.  They made me wear a hat.  I tried to tell them that hats don't work with gargantuan ears, but they insisted.   So, I wore my hat... and sold cotton candy.  It was great!

A few hours later I also worked in the Swiss Taco Booth.  This is my friend, she is almost as excited as I was. Working in the Swiss Taco booth was definitely crossing an item off the bucket list for me.  I have ALWAYS wanted to work in that booth, but was never in the right ward.  My life is complete now ;-) It's time for loftier aspirations I suppose.

Lemon Yodels- new to me. 

Bratwurst is a Swiss Days favorite.  I thought it was disgusting growing up, but now it is rather tasty.  It's funny how things like Rye bread used to be poisonous in my mind, but now I would consider rye bread extra fancy.

Gross! What is that you ask?  Why it is my cell phone covered in bratseli mush.  Bag with leaky water bottle + cell phone + freshly purchased bratselis= one sad day for me.  I think i was a little more upset about the bratselis, until later that day.... then I needed my phone back.  It is still sitting in rice and it's been a few weeks.  I'm pretty sure it's not coming back.

Luckily Nats gave me an extra bag of bratselis and a spare phone.  She is my utility knife sister.  We had a lovely time walking around checking out all the stuff we didn't need... except for bratselis.  Everyone needs bratselis.  On our walk home we stopped at timp freeze and tried to convince the owner to bring back the toasted coconut dip cones.  He said that he wanted to, but couldn't find it.  I told him I would take care of that for him... and I did.  One google search later... and my hope of eating my favorite dip cone is within closer reach.  We'll see if it actually happens, but if it does you can bet I will blog about it. 

I know I have lived out of state for the past decade, but I completely forgot about the Jazz.  Oh yes! The Jazz!  Go Jazz!  

This little dude had some seriously Michael Jackson moves.  

Had to get a pic of the "fighter fighters" for my pops.  He used to wear this get up.  After he would go fight a fire he would bring home MREs.  We would open them up thinking they were sooo delicious.  The astronaut ice cream was delicious, but I'm pretty sure everything else tasted like cardboard. 

Mia waved intently at Smokey the Bear.  

Just a little shout out to our home teacher... who sells insurance... and is a master at the fiddle.  I wonder if you go in his office if he'll play you a song?  Probably.  or not.

Pooper scoopers.  

Sammy got a little stuffed "dog dog" that he was in love with.  he didn't let it go for one second, which led to a very sticky sticky dog dog.

The major bonus about the Swiss Days parade is the lute.  John was shocked with the amount of stuff they give you at the parade.  We were at the very beginning and got everything from rings to stuffed animals to t shirts on down to cookies, popsicle, water bottles, and a ridiculous amount of candy. He said, " woah, this is the parade of all parades!"  To that I say, "Yes, yes it is!"

Until Next year Swiss Days!  


jayna said...

THat Mia is a little Swiss Miss herself!!

Leah Garfield said...

Mimi~ Joshua holds his left arm the same way! It is more apparent when he is walking fast or running. He holds his left arm much like Mia (almost like he is using it to steady himself) and he pumps with his right arm.

Mimi said...

wow Leah, good to know. I guess I have just been in denial for so long. Maybe it's a heart transplant trait... not a stroke! :-)

Audrey Blanchard said...

Mimi- thanks for the great post and pics about Swiss days! I missed it by a week! It sure looks like it was a lot of fun! Maybe next year!

Brimaca said...

Oh Swiss Days. I can attest to everything you wrote. I was cracking up because I was thinking the same things as I read it. I don't miss the crowds though. You should have taken a pic of the crowds!

Mimi said...

amen to that! I totally forgot... yes I was going to blog about the crowds- AND how not smart is was to take a stroller. Rookie mistake...