Oct 30, 2011

5 things I wish I could bottle up today

- When Mia helps me fold laundry she quickly smells each item of clothes before handing it to me.  She takes a big breath in when the clothes are next to her nose.  I love it.  She does the "stinky test" after the clothes are washed.

- How Mia talks in the 3rd person... all the time.  "Mia's turn now... pease!!" "play in Mia's room?"  "Mia go get in tubby?"  

- Sammers.  His entirety.  He yells, "dans" and waves his arms spins in circles, and sways back and forth.  I love it. He sure loves his music and can also yell, "MINE!" when Mia tries to take away his tunes. 

-The look on Ellie's face when we praise her for doing something sweet. She is a an approval sponge.

- Jensen's willingness to sing loud for FHE.  He will sing, and he sings well.  I hope this lasts.

- How John says "wang chung" for many things that hold different meanings.   When he gets hurt "Wang chung!" when he wants the kids to hurry... "come on kids! wang chung."  When he has to go to the bathroom, "I'll be in the bathroom... wang chung."  I think he thinks it is a good closing to any sentence. It's bizarre and funny... and just totally him.  He has certain go to phrases he uses often and most of them make sense besides "wang chung." I don't even know what Wang Chung means... and I don't think he does either.

I guess I don't need to bottle this one up because he will be saying it for years to come I am sure.

- Samers willingness to give me kisses when I ask.

Well, it was more than five... whatever.  Wang Chung.

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Brimaca said...

If only we could bottle this stuff up! Wang chung. Cracks me up. Like I said, he seemed so shy when I met him. LOL.