Oct 20, 2011

Air Hockey Superstar

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will know that I am married to a, how shall I say this???... a man who is always trying to get me to laugh.  Mr. Jokester.  This is pretty much why I married the boy.  He cracks me up.  You never know when it's coming... and sometimes you miss it all together... like this por ejemplo:

A little background- over the course of our marriage I have been in charge of all the forms/documents...basically anything  "official."  That is just my department.  When I first wrote his resume back in 2002 I never planned on updating it as much as I have.  Now that he is entering the medical field I needed to completely revamp the entire thing.  A few weeks ago he decided to apply for a part time job while he is in school.  He emailed me his resume to "fix up." and I did.

ONE PROBLEM-  there is a section at the bottom that pretty much stays the same and is basically  just a space filler.  I added the things that applied to the position he is trying to get like when we were in-home care takers for Josh etc.  I 100% ignored the last section of the resume because his "Accomplishements and Special Talents" haven't really change...knowaimeen?

Tonight he pulled up the resume that I emailed back to him so he could go review it and prepare for any questions they might have... this is what he found when he read the resume he had already SUBMITTED along with his application.  Aaaaaahhhh!  Go on... read his special talents and interests.  

Accomplishments & Special Talents
Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA), Fluent Spanish speaker, College Honor Roll, Rice-Eccles Scholarship recipient, Ricks College Business Scholarship, Eagle Scout, Hot Wife, Working knowledge of Internet and Microsoft Office suite, Honest, Self Motivated, Hard worker.   Currently impotent and can’t make babies. Air hockey superstar.  Bed wetter extraordinaire.

I don't know how he even got called for an interview.... I mean, "bed wetter extraordinaire?"  I think that the people at the hospital either thought it was funny or they actually just have to lay eyes on the guy who put this stuff in his resume.  I'm betting on them interviewing him out of curiosity.  

John was completely expecting me to laugh at his goofiness and take out his "extras," but that section was completely over looked... completely.

Well his interview is tomorrow and I am DYING to know if it comes up... or if they ask about his problems, and Air hockey superstarness.

I have been laughing so much tonight that I think I pulled something.  I will be more thorough in the future.  Lesson learned! Maybe "hot wives" shouldn't be in charge of revamping resumes.  

Wish him luck!  He's gonna need it! ;-)


jayna said...

What about his fluency in Ebonics? I find that a huge oversight.

I laughed out loud= Good luck Jon Boy!

Misty said...

I laughed when I read this as well!! Good Luck with the interview!

Anne said...

Oh man, i can't stop laughing!

Christina said...

Oh so funny, Mimi. You can't buy this kind of entertainment. Can't wait to hear if these things come up in the interview!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I tried pulling this up this afternoon at my mom's and it won't load on my phone. So I got home and ran to the rollerskating party and just now, at 4:30 in the morning...I remembered. So I got on my phone and was trying to pull it up and it wouldn't work. So...had to come downstairs and read...so funny! Even funny at 4:51 in the freaking morning. I can't believe he didn't double check...hello! He HAS to bring it up...though I realize it is done by now. I have to ask you about this in the morning...bright and early. It's already 5 there...hmmmmm...do I call? I know that would be my style, but I'll let you sleep a few more winks. Be ready at 8:00. AHDONCAREUFYOUAREONVACASHONE.

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I agree with Jayna. Major oversight. I could think of a few other things to add too if you wanted to be honest and embarrass him. Lol.

Danielle said...

You know those articles about "10 biggest resume mistakes" ? Well I think you put all of them to shame.

Also you should have included "bursts into song without warning".

Brimaca said...

So funny!!! What happened at the interview?