Oct 26, 2011

All Aboard the Pumpkin Train

"All Abooooaaard" is what we heard Papa yell when it was time to get on the train.  It is pretty awesome that Papa works on the train.  It couldn't be a better fit really.  He has always loved trains and now gets to literally "play trains" for his job.  Here he is taking tickets.

A mommy with her monster and a strawberry boarded the train.  Dressing up isn't necessary... but it really is if I'm the mommy.  There is a costume quota that must be filled before Halloween.  Mia pretty much wants to wear her 'shoo boo cake dress"  everyday.  It's gonna need a good washing for Halloween night.

Jense got this awesome air force jump suit from a friend in WA.  He is in the same boat as Mia.  He wants to wear it all the time... and he does.   He isn't even going to be an air force guy for Halloween, but we didn't have his costume ready yet.  He's been wearing it so much maybe he'll change is mind and spring for the air force get up instead of the vampire. 

The pumpkin train is pretty stinkin' awesome.  You board the train... get off at the pumpkin patch... pick a pumpkin... get back on the train... decorate the pumpkin.... eat hot cocoa and cookies.... head on back. 

All the kids with their Papa.  The cutest thing EVER about my dad working on the train is now when Mia hears the train whistle (we can hear it from the house) she gasps and says, "Papa!"She has added, "choo choo train today?" to her requests to her Papa.

Sammers can say "choo choo" now.  It was a post train ride vocabulary word. 

To say I am in love with these kids would be an understatement! 

All of these kids! 

After everyone picked out their pumpkin they got busy putting on their pumpkin faces. 

Mia kept saying, "woah... heaby (heavy) mom... really heaby"

They are pretty proud of their pumpkin faces.  


I just love this pic.  She was fascinated with all of the wind surfers right out of her window

Now he really is a monster... three eyed monster!

"tees"  Sam is all about "tees" lately.  I am too! 

It's a little difficult to see them, but there were a bunch of wind surfers out that day.  It has been such a warm October.  In fact, I felt a little bad for my kids in those costumes because it was HOT!

Lovely view from the train.  This is pretty good advertisement to come ride the Heber Creeper eh?

This surfer broke free from the pack.  We watched him wipe out. Jense got a kick out of that. 

If you need a wonderful fall activity come on up and say hi to my dad.  He will be the one yelling "all aboard."  They also have a Spooky train... I hear it's scary.  They also do a Polar Express in the winter... can't wait for that one!  Thanks for the train ride Papa.

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Brimaca said...

So fun!!! My kids would love that! And Sammers is the most photogenic kid I know.