Oct 7, 2011

All work and no Play

Life is different here... good different.  Clothes are hung on "the line."  John is not to keen on using towels that were line dried.  I admit... it is easier for me just to throw them in the dryer.  Habits are difficult to break I suppose. 

"The line" needs to be adjusted due to clothing touching the grass.  Jense is a willing participant to line drying and a good little worker.  He does his "everyday" with no complaint, and is eager to do "money jobs."   Tonight he asked me how many jobs it would take to earn one hundred dollars and then another hundred dollars.  I asked him why and he said because he wanted to go to Washington to visit all of his friends.  

He really misses his WA cousins/ friends... but they came to visit! post coming soon.  I wish there was a way just to beam him (and myself) up there for an afternoon and then back.  I am happy to fly him there if he earns the money,  but I can't for the life of me think of that many money jobs.  He is anxious to earn, and I've not nothin!  John is already talking about him mowing lawns... I think it is a little too early for that.  My mom scared him away of that idea telling him about someone that lost their toes.  What are good money jobs for eight year old's? 


Amy said...

Weeding! Have him ask your neighbors if their flowerbeds need weeding. Maybe in the winter months shoveling sidewalks and/or driveways? My friend Janeen also taught her 8 year old how to do laundry from the sorting to putting the clothes in the washing machine, folding, the whole bit. Good luck Jense! His work ethic will continue to be a blessing for him in the future!

Danielle said...

I am sure his dad will give him money to take the towels and put them in the dryer so they are fluffy and nice.

I am all for being green, but crunchy towels...um, nope

Mimi said...

ooo... good call!