Oct 12, 2011

Bridal Veil Falls

Our next stop while the grandparents and cousins were in town was to the waterfall.  The kids have been asking to go here every time we pass it in the canyon.  We finally made it. You can hike to the top, but it's not really a hike for kiddos. We just took the path to the base of the falls.

  The kids took off like a shot into the waterfall. 

It was a hot day, but that water was fareeezing!  I tried a few times to see how long I could keep my feet in the water.  I could feel pain in my stomach it was so cold.  The kids lasted much longer that I did. 

My people.  I love that little band of goof balls.

Ellie found a steep rock to climb onto.  I wonder if she ever thinks about how she is going to get down... probably not.  She knows that her daddy will rescue her from anything she gets herself into.

Mia and Sam spent their time throwing rocks back into the bottom of the falls.  The kids enjoyed replenishing their supply... and they threw them back in faster that the kids could keep up. 

Mia put her feet in a few times and they immediately turned purple.  Her profusion looks better even in this pictures, but you can still kind of see her "sausage" legs/arms/face.  Her circulation is fantastic ;-)  I remember when she was in the hospital they were concerned with how her skin always looked mottled... I told them it was genetic...and it is.

Once the kids got tired of piling up the rocks, daddy took over keeping Sam and Mia loaded up.  This rock throwing business is a full time job.

Oh my heart.  This little baby is showing no signs of babyhood lately.  He walked/ran all the way back down the path to the cars.  He probably would have kept walking too.  He looked back from time to time to make sure I was still there, but he demonstrated such independence that day.  He didn't need me, or care that I was there.  It was just him and the open road, (path). Daddy tried to cut his hair a few weeks ago (post to come) but you can see he got a little too squirmy because of what looks to me like a rat tail in the back.  Not that there is anything wrong with rat tails... he just won't be sporting one anytime soon.

Our next stop was a drive up to Squaw peak.  You can see so far from up there.  The kids started to melt down, so we didn't stay for very long, but we need to go back.  There is a hike from the top down to the Provo Temple... I think.  It has been so long, but I remember hiking down and loving it.  That is another thing I need to put on the list. 

Our last stop was at a park, then we went out to eat.  It was a great day! 

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