Oct 20, 2011

The corn maze of all corn mazes

Thanksgiving Point only lives (or exists) by one word EXTRAVAGANT. 
The corn maze was loaded with activities for kids... and I mean loaded. 
We only made it through about half.  

First stop was the jumping pillows.  Sammers was intrigued but due to lack of a nap he was pretty clingy.. I think on a normal day he would have been all over it.  I had to jump with him and he cracked a few smiles, but not his usual enthusiasm.

Jense was in love and after two minutes of jumping was scheming on how to get one of these in the yard.  They are quite interesting, and the pillows should have been our last stop because the kids could have stayed for much longer.

Ellie ran from pillow to pillow jumping like she had never jumped before.  She jumped with Mia every time she went to the little kid pillow.  Little Mia is always getting instructed by her older sis.  Little Ellie just wants her to have fun... and takes it upon herself to ensure that it happens.

Jense jumped really 


Mia enjoyed the pillows, but quickly found another activity.  She ran from activity to activity gasping with excitement when arriving at each new thing.  

She was especially fond of the "down da hill."  

Someone at TP... TP... he he  is an exceptional craftsman and built many a play structure. 
The kids really enjoyed the boat. 

Mia's little face when she is having fun is such a mommy payday.  Every time we take her somewhere I feel like she thinks we're at Disneyland. 

My little cougar.  Sweet, tired little cougar.

They had tunnels going through big hay stacks... 

We took a tractor ride through the corn fields.  
I love Ells in this pic.

Tractor races.  We peddled tractors that went surprisingly fast. 

Mia kept saying "woooo."  She gets this from me... I say "wooo" a lot.

Sammer still being a tough crowd.

At least daddy is having fun.

Our final stop, which was a big mistake because they only got to stay for a few minutes was to the princess area.

They had a little area to dress up in a princess dress.

Then they were off to take a pretend ride in a carriage... or on the fancy horse... you pick. 

Mia is really really into "pule pule" lately and was thrilled about wearing a purple outfit.  She also wanted to climb into that bounce house.  She stood at the door for awhile not quite sure if she should... but finally went in for about 30 seconds.  This girl loves a good bouncy house.  I wish she didn't... I just think of all the germs and I have to close my eyes. 

They had a stage and music going for the little princesses to dance. 
This is Mia's too shy to dance expression.  adorable.

Eventually she warmed up and did some princess twirling for the audience (the random people sitting there).  Ellie was born for the stage and had no problem dancing with people around.

My two girls!  One pink lovin, one pule pule lovin.  I can't get enough of these girls.  

Mia was wiped out from all of the excitement she fell right to sleep on my sisters couch.  I'm almost positive this is the only time she has fallen asleep on a couch. 

Cornbelly's you are by far the fanciest corn maze (we didn't even do the maze) we have ever visited.  We will definitely be going again... possibly this season because there is still so much to do! 


Misty said...

Love your pictures!! It is so great seeing Mia experiencing things!! She looks like she is having such a blast!!! That is amazing she fell asleep on a couch!!
Thanks for sharing!

Brimaca said...

Wow! Thanksgiving Point seems amazing. Never been there, but probably ooughta.