Oct 20, 2011

Hair Cuts all around

Ellie has been Beeeeegging me to take her to get her hair "cutted." 
I held off for a few months, but she wore me down. 

The before shot... in desperate need of a good brushing mind you.
My little peanut stayed close to her sister... and her bottle.

All jazzed and ready to go.  I should have gotten a picture of the gal who cut her hair.  She lived across the street from us when I was little.  She was friends with my older sister and I remember wanting more than anything to help them sell lemonade at their fancy lemonade stand.  Funny memory. 

Fancy new do!  She wanted it to her shoulders.  She was in love with it... flipping it from side to side as she walked.  This girl cracks me up!

Paint my Piggies is a super cute Salon with a fantastic little pink car out front.  I took Mia along. I guess this was our first Salon day as girls.  Kind of fun.  Someday it will be miss Mia's turn. 

She was really concerned about her friend being there.  A cute girl in her class said she would come watch... her mom runs the salon.  She didn't want to start until her friend got there.  When they got there I think Ellie felt like a rock-star.  

She wanted her hair curly for her first day back at school post hair cut.  It's so funny to see my daughter wanting a "big reveal."  She is so fun sometimes.

Cute hair Elvis!  It grows so fast that I'm sure we'll be cutting it again in no time.  
Speaking of growing fast.... 

Sammers hair gets so shaggy so fast.  I like the shaggy look, but JB thinks he looks "homeless" and takes liberties with his boys hair. 

My favorite trick for cutting my little ones hair is putting them on the bathroom counter with their feet in the sink.  Turn on the water... bada bing... entertained long enough to get the job done. 

Daddy did the cutting this time... I took the pictures. 

Sam is just growing like crazy, and saying something new I swear, ever day.  His favorite word right now is "but."  He uses "but" for "button" and is really fascinated with buttons.  We have a mobile/white noise machine in his room and the first order of business when we enter his room is turning on the "but."  Lucky for Sam there are a lot of "buts" around the house for him to push. 

I am in love with this boy.  He is still a ladies man and wants to be held by any adult female.... it's kind of funny.  He especially has a thing for my sister Raegan.  No where but her arms is acceptable for him.  Last week when I was going in for a kiss from my Sammer Jam he pushed me away and then turned and gave her a kiss.  It was cold hearted but hysterical at the same time.  He is growing like crazy and I feel like the mom in the RM when everyone is taking off doing there own thing and she is panicking yelling, "hold the line!!"  He is now in nursery and any line holding I was doing before has disappeared.  He goes a mile a minute, and there is now slowing him down.  
I realize I didn't take an "after" picture.  woopsie.  There are plenty more pictures of him to come.  PAALENTY! 


Anonymous said...

Water and electricity don't mix! This is dangerous!

Mimi said...


Good call!! You definitely have a point. I failed to mention that because the cord is in the sink the water was most definitely not on. You can see in the pics. I completely agree with you that water and electricity are not a good combo. When we cut the littles hair the clippers and cord are far from the water. I appreciate the concern.