Oct 15, 2011

I go... you stay... no following

This is the last thing that Eli said to Jense and they were driving away.  It was the perfectly timed phrase, and he seems too young to be so witty.  They watched the iron giant together and it just goes to show how quickly kids pick things up. 

I go... you stay... no following.  I'm still laughing.  I love this kid.  He was our neighbor and such a buddy to Jense.  He missed him a lot!  We miss his whole family.

Levi is definitely a keeper! Such a good sweet kid.  Jense has such great friends/ cousins.

Mia said good-bye to grandpa and insisted on a kiss on the lips. 

Same for Grandma, but she settled for a cheek. 

Jense and Mia and a beautiful Sunday morning.

One final hug before the road.  

Thanks again for coming- it was a special treat!

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Anne said...

I love you and I think I am going to come back soon with Evie. I can tell, Mia wants Evie A LOT! From : eli

(this is Eli's message)