Oct 3, 2011

John be crakin' me up

You know when you were in middle school and you listened to the same song over and over because it was just too good and your ears couldn't get enough? My husband cannot get enough of this song.  Actually I will just imbed it for you.

He has always loved a cappella singing. He sang in an a cappella group in high school and generally loves singing groups.  He happens to be a great singer (but too shy to sing solo) indeed.  When we were in college I used to make him sing to me... it wasn't so much the singing I loved (but it did make my heart flutter), but watching him avoid eye contact because he was so nervous.  College days... it was so fun!

Last year he was a huge fan of the group that actually won.  Here is one of his favs...

oh and this one.  It doesn't get any better than acapella and usher for JB... it's a lethal combo!  Death by music!

I love this man. He cracks me up and just listening to his commentary while they sing makes me giggle.  "Can you hear the guy singing bass?  He is just incredible, his voice does crazy stuff!"...  and other equally enthusiastic comments.

I am definitely going to watch this season because vocal point (BYU group) is on it.  woo hoo!

This is kind of a random post, but I just wanted to remember the things John does that make me laugh.  There are a million, but I rarely write things down.  He has phrases he knows I will laugh at... like when we are in the car and turning off of a main street,  and I am talking he will speed up and say, "hold on, I gotta shoot this gap!"... he does this when there is not a car in site.  Or he will see joggers on the road and have the funniest things to say about where they are headed, and why they need to get there, and who is chasing them... he is a crack up.  He is never mean... just funny.

These might not be the best examples... but John is witty.
AND he loves music... maybe a little too much :-) 
Love you B.

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Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

aw, what a cute post! john and jd's love of rap and r and b has always cracked me up! loved the fall pics too!