Oct 24, 2011

Nana and the big 60

This post is about my mom, but thought I would throw in this pic of her parents.  It was Grandma's birthday too right after my moms.  Don't they look like kids?  I also have a picture of my grandma walking the beach in her bathing suit, and had to laugh because right when I was getting all these pics ready for my mom to take to Oak Harbor I saw this commercial.  It's true.... grandma was a hottie!  

What does one 60 year old want for her birthday dinners? 
- Pulled pork Sandwiches
- fruit  with fruit crack
- delicious salad make by Rae
- chocolate costco cake... yes the one with the chocolate shavings... mmmmm
- Homemade grape juice with a kick.  
- Cheeeps

Meener babiner was the perfect party guest.  Those little fingers are constantly in her mouth... I ask her all day long to get her fingers out of her mouth.  She no listen.

Jense and Andrew chowin down

The birthday girl... this is a courtesy smile.  
I constantly have my camera in her face. She'll get used to it :-)

Snats and Sammer Jam.  He has a thing for brunettes

We planned a little variety show for her big day.  The Bown kids did a bang up job of singing "Na na na na you say it's your birthday!" 

They had a few skits a la scouts, and also sang "My Gran" to the song "My girl." 
Loved it! 

Uncle Nathan painted a picture of Nana.  
He is the artist of the family.
You can hire him if you want- he too can paint you!

Kye sang a little ditty called, "you are my sunshine"
He changed the words... it was super cute. 

Suzie sang and played La guitarra
She is the vocalist of the family

The Mcdonald fam demonstrated their only talent... dancing!  
Mia was shy of course.
We also made a slide show of her life that I made all fancy but because I didn't have the blasted connector cord from my computer to the projector I had to transfer it a different computer to show it.  The computer didn't support it...so much for all of the time I spent making it fance.  She still loved it and still got to see all the pics to the tune of the Beatles no less. 

Sam tried awfully hard to get adopted by my sister Rae. Raegan Bown chica bown bown.  
With a name like that... what male (baby) stands a chance!
He loves her... the most. Last time we went to their house he made a b-line to her arms. 

Nats and Mees walked home with her sad "banoon."  
This past week Mia kept wanting to call "Nan Nats" (Aunt Nat) so when we got her on the phone Mia convinced her to come up... ok ok it was me... but she came for Mia.  Mia, no one (besides your family and grandparents) loves you like our "Nan Nats" We took her shopping and Nat got to witness the sheer excitement of seeing ordinary items like apples and cheese in mass quantities in a store.  
She is so much fun! "look look look!!! BANANAS!

Sinee and Mees were little buddies.  
Give these girls some glasses and they will be quite entertained. 
After the party Sinee had stowed away in my van and I had no idea.  Her mom asked me if I had her and I said "nope."  When we reached the house she piled out with the rest of the gang.  Turns out I did have her.  She's blonde... about Mia's height- I'll blame it on that.

I tried all weekend to get Alyssa to love me.  She is the opposite of Sammers and wants nothing to do with anyone but the momma.  She warmed up a few times and I got her to play a little here and there, but it was over quickly when she noticed that her mom wasn't around.  It was so great to have Jess and Alyssa here.  One evening after we got all of the kids to sleep Jess and I stayed up really late in my bed.  When any sisters come to visit- John gets the boot!  Totally kidding... he was studying downstairs.  Anyway it was one of those nights when everything was funny.  I would tell her about a funny/random/odd experience and she would reply with, "I can one up you on that..." and she sure did.  She has some funny stories.  I think at one point I fell asleep while I was laughing.  How is this possible?  Is it my age?  because I have 4 kids?  I have never before fallen asleep while laughing.  I'm so glad you flew in Jess... it was such a fun night and thanks for your help with the party.

Cake time. Mia looks pretty serious about getting some of that
"chockit cake"

While we ate chock it cake we watched a little movie for her b-day.  I interviewed the kids about Nana and as you can probably imagine the answers were adorable.  None of the younger kids knew her real name.  When I asked them what nana's real name was they all said,  "Ummmm Nana?"  Another one of my favorite responses was to where she worked before she retired.  My favorite response was Pizza Hut!  Oh and according to the kids she has average age of 15.  These kids sure love their Nana.

Gift time.  My mom has always wanted a Minerva Teichert painting, and she loved this one!  She was also given the DVD 17 miracles which we stayed up watching after the party.  After the DVD Jess told us a bunch of stories about our ancestors.  The girl reads books about our ancestors... how cool is that?  I felt like a little kid soaking up all this information she had for me about our geneology.  I really should get my hands on those books... I was fascinated.  I took a geneology class in college, but haven't really revisited it, except for cataloging here and there since.  Thanks Jess for all the history.

All of the ladies minus Boon Docks.  She has a wee litta babus back home.  

Well Mamacita you are 60.  You look like your 40... 45 tops!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Thanks for being the most wonderful mom and grandma.
I think the world of you and am so glad I have this time with you.

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Brimaca said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama. Such fun pics and parties!