Oct 18, 2011

Walk a Thon

The kids had a Walk-a-thon at school.  I still don't know after a million explanations if they understand the concept of getting pledges... walking laps... collection pledges... handing over the money... getting a prize.  Multiple adults tried to explain... sometimes you just have to do something to understand.  You mean we don't keep the money we earn???  huh? but why not? 

Miss Ellie being the caretaker that she is pushed her friend who recently broke her leg around the field... they did quite a few laps.  She was insistent that she push by her self.

Then she got some recruits.  Ellie is one strong/ compassionate girl.  She even earned "cowboy cash" for being such a good citizen.  She was on cloud nine the entire day about earning her cash.  Not sure what you do with cowboy cash, but hopefully something fantastic.

Once you reach lap 10 they give you watermelon.  She walked a total of 19 laps. Ellie asked the watermelon distributors if she could give one to her little sister who was there... yes her little sister and not her little brother.  Ellie knows Mia's love for "melmen" and didn't let her down.

Sammers and Mees stayed on the swings pretty much the entire time.  Actually Sam yelled at the chickens in a nearby backyard for a solid 10 minutes, but other than that swings were a swingin'.  Nana came down  just in time for me to stop pushing the swings to get some shots of my boy Jense.

Jense ignored the term "walk a thon" and ran his laps.  He is pretty determined.

It was a hot day.  
Had I known he was going to sprint his way around the field I would have suggested that he wear shorts.  

Run Jense Run!  He did awesome. 

Well I can check their first fundraiser off the list. Next year (If were still here) I will know that my kids walk/run a lot of laps.... and will pledge accordingly.  
I think a few of my neighbors learned this lesson too. :-) 

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