Nov 13, 2011

ER for Daddy

One night we were chillin' with the Bowns and John was in some serious pain.  It is not the first time he has been tossing his cookies over being in so much pain.  He has had a gall stone the size of a golf ball, ok ok a gum ball for over a year.

He pretty much thought he was going to die so we headed off to the ER.  I called my sis who works in an ER.  She wasn't working that night, but when we got admitted her face was on the wall... on a poster... pretty as can be.  She is famous.  I felt all fancy being in a hospital where my sisters face was plastered on the walls.  

Some times I feel like a giant idiot.  In the past when I have taken pictures with my phone, I always text them to my sister and have her email them back to me.  She has one of those snobby I- phones, that can pretty much do everything except for walk her dogs.  I could never connect my phone to my computer, and it just seemed easier.  I just discovered bluetooth!!  Yes, it has been around forever, but I just bluetoothed my pictures from my phone to my computer and I pretty much feel like a rock star!  Where have I been??? If you didn't know about this, it is awesome.  Zappo presto they are on your computer- so nice!!

Maybe I'm starting to head "down hill" with technology. I have always felt "techy," but come on... I didn't know about bluetooth!! Talk about wake up call.  Jensen reaffirmed that I am the "older generation" the other night when I downloaded an app for him.  It was a random game that I played a few times with my sister once.  I tried to show him how to play, but my game was over ten seconds after I started.  I handed him the ipod and without any instructions he pretty much mastered the game.  I kind of sat there wondering how I got to this point.  My son just smoked me on his first try.  No need to try and teach him how to play... he should be teaching me.  The funny thing is, I remember showing my mom how to run electronics in my youth.... but now I'm "the mom."  I need a bluetooth to my brain.

Back to JB- he is fine now.  He had surgery to remove his gall bladder, including the stone.  He is completely recovered and now we have matching scars right above our belly buttons.  Mine is from a chest tube, his is from the laproscopic instrument thinger.  Twinners!! ;-)


jayna said...

Feel better soon John!! My Dad was saved from 9/11 by a gall bladder attack and surgery, so I say count your blessings- you never know! :)

Danielle said...

Um... you can't just cavalierly mention that JB had surgery in a blog post!

Also snobby iPhones

Brimaca said...

I am so technilogically challenged. My phone doesn't even have a camera or blue tooth!