Nov 9, 2011

First Snow

It is snowing here! AAhhh!  The kids are excited.  Mommy, not so much.  I love the snow, but on my terms, and I am not ready to break out the snow boots. 

We rarely have time for a family picture before church because church starts crazy early this year.  We were all ready to go and had time for a picture because of day light savings time.  Yep we forgot, and to be completely honest we ALWAYS forget.  I don't think there is a "fall behind" that I wasn't an hour early to church.  It has happened to me for at least the past five years.  It's not even a being in the dark thing either.  I know it is coming, but somehow I (and JB) completely forget on Sunday morning.  At least we are consistent.  It makes me laugh that we do this year after year.  Can some one pretty please call me next year in the morning and tell me I get an extra hour? 

1 comment:

Summer Carlile said...

This family picture is so cute! Well an hour early is better than an hour late we did that once when we forgot to move the time forward.