Nov 20, 2011

Go BYU!!

This post is a little late in the season- but We are true blue BYU fans! 

John and I want to take the kids to a BYU game someday.  Every time we pass the stadium in Provo the older kids ask if that is where we fell in love.  It is not where we fell in love... that was at Ricks, but our relationship did change drastically during a football game years ago. 

Both Jense and Ells are convinced that they will go to BYU and find someone to marry.  If they do, that will make three generations of BYU engagements.  There is definitely something in the water down in Provo, UT.  It's just a place where so many find "the one." 

Go BYU... if you know what I mean ;-)

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