Nov 8, 2011

Hope Kids Retreat

We went up to bear lake (again... I know I know) a few weeks back.  It was a hope kids event, and the kids were out of school (daddy too) so we packed up headed up for a few days.  Mia was all about the fire and wanted to be in charge of the wood. Sam stayed close to mommy and just yelled at the fire.  He was yelling "HOT!" and pointing like we were all crazy standing by a "HOT!"

Mia is starting to show some signs of being like her big sis.  Which means she will be overly affectionate to any small human.  She is usually telling Sammy "no sam sam" so I was loving on the super snuggle.

As I sit here and blog about this John says that both kids are looking pretty raggedy.  We were camping... aren't you supposed to look raggedy when you're camping? Isn't there a code?  I think they are cute!

The place we stayed had a little miniature golf course.  
Sam learned how to happy scream like his big sister. 

"Cousin it" is getting better and better at the mini golf.  She would celebrate by announcing, 
"Mia did it!... it go down do hole!" 

Snellie loved staying in the "cabin"  and we witnessed a super organized extremely helpful little girl.  She categorized all of her clothes and set them out perfectly, and organized all the food.  We have seen this side of her a coupe times, but we just watched her in amazement really... who took our child?  Usually her area is a tornado.  The awesome part was when sam threw up all over her corner of the cabin.  We then were able to discover just how much laundry detergent costs at a resort town gas station.

Part of the event was a Halloween Carnival for all the kids.  Ellie picked this recipe book at one of her prizes for throwing apples into a basket.  She has been asking everyday to make some of these recipes.  I need to get on that.  They are all cookies... and post halloween is the wrong time to be whipping up a batch of sweets. 

Mia and Sam wanted to do bowling the entire time.  Throwing pumpkins on bowling pins was the highlight of their trip. 

"Mia did it!!" The girl only knows 3rd person.  

If sammers missed a pin or two he made sure his pumpkin got to work knocking down the rest.  I sound like a broken record but he is so much fun right now.  Pumped about everything! 

Jense was a shoe in for the donut eating game.  Believe it or not he beat Ellie.  
Sometimes you just want to cram a donut in your mouth.

"Uhhhh guys?"

Sam was all about the "hot" when marshmallows and chocolate were involved.  Trying to feed an 18 month old a smore is like trying to put your socks on after your shoes.  

Jense was pulling with everything he had in him.   They had so many fun games and tons of great prizes.  It was definitely worth the drive.  We will not miss it next year.

Thanks hope kids- we loved ever minute!

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