Nov 9, 2011


 Ellie went to a costume party and decided to be a pirate girl.  
She tried on a few costumes before she settled on this one.
You can't go wrong with dressing up like a pirate!

Mia was a tad concerned about the pumpkin guts.  She got over it quickly and scooped out guts like crazy.  Her favorite part was popping out the eyes, nose, and mouth after it was carved out.  

Daddy gets into it.  He says it is for the safety of his kids... but I think he genuinely likes to carve pumpkins. 

Jense was super proud of his pumpkin. He tried to cut some out, but the knife was quickly removed from his hands.  He did a few cuts, but pumpkins are difficult to cut through.  He had his hand holding the rim of the pumpkin with his fingers on the inside and the knife ready to puncture through right where his hand was.... woopsie.  Maybe next year Jense!  He is learning about knife safety in scouts.  

All the guts! Now the question is, should be roast the seeds this year or not?  

Mia was in love with her costume and wore it plenty before it was even "spooky night."  More on spooky night farther down.  I have been blogging for an hour... I'm gonna let JB finish this one.

The kids like to try on all the many costumes we have collected, and Ellie decided she would be a witch as she went out trick or treating.

I am thinking that Strawberry shortcake would indeed be a tastier victim for a hungry vampire.

Here is Jensen looking all hard core like he is "Blade" or something.  See next pic.

That is some scarey beezneez right there.

You can see her teeth in this pic.  She is missing two on top and two on bottom.  We have been calling her Jack-O-Lantern for the past week.  She has been trying to figure out how to get a glow stick in her mouth for the full affect.

Mimi brought home some glow-in-the dark fake fingernails to round out the costume.  I think she liked this more than collecting the candy. 

Not the kind of witch you want to make angry.

 No broom needed.

 The hat that wouldn't stay on her head. 

The perfect costume for a little monster.  Sam Sam is a busy little stinker these days.  He has us laughing non stop, and we cherish all his toddler moments especially since he is our last.  We try to soak it in and marinate in it.

Watching the older kids trick or treat was indeed a treat this year.  They ran from house to house at top speed for hours on end.  I think that instead of slowing down, they were actually moving faster by the time it was 8:30 and I was telling them it was quitting time.  I made a deal that we would keep going until we didn't see anyone else out.  It took Jensen years to figure out that there is a bunch of free candy and it needs to be gotten with urgency.  I remember watching him balance on curbs and fool around whilst kids were banking mass amounts of loot all around him.  I kept saying, "Run Jense, follow those princesses!"  He probably knew even at a young age that mommy has candy stashes year round and that there really is no need to run around chasing it. 

Sammy was so cute.  He didn't want people putting candy in his bucket.  He would move the bucket away and reach his hand out.  He wanted that candy in his mouth as quickly as possible.

 He finished the night with an empty pumpkin and a full tummy. 

The McDonald Spooks.  Speaking of spooks, Mia uses the phrase "spooky night" for all kinds of situations.  A dark room, spooky night!  Pretty much anything that is not well lit she will holler "spooky night!"  And it is really funny when she yells it out when something she sees and perceives to be scary.

A fun part of the night was listening to Mimi tell the kids about "the patches house."  Apparently they were the place to trick or treat throughout her childhood, and she insisted that we take our own kids.   It was terrifying back in the day, but worth it in the end.  I guess it's been years since they had a haunted driveway, but the kids all got a full sized candy bar and were as happy as clams.  This picture is not the Patches, but they has some fun decorations.

These are our little beauties!  We couldn't find candles when we needed them and the kiddies had glow sticks placed in each of them lickity split.  Gotta love our little problem solvers.

Here is Mia at the end of the night.  She spent a lot of time out there just fooling around with them.