Nov 19, 2011

Mommy Daughter Date

We have been pretty lazy about mommy/daughter daddy/daughter dates. Most of our routine has changed, but we have had a few lately. The first date was a few weeks ago. We went and watched the local high school production of beauty and the beast.

Yay cell phone picture.  Anyway, she as an affinity for our neighbor girl.  She really is super duper adorable.  She is really sweet and very accommodating of Ellie's adoration of her.  She was a "singing and dancing fork" in the play.  Ellie kept telling me over and over again about her part in the play. She did a great job.. and could definitely have a career in show biz :-)  They did a great job... the candlestick totally stole the show, but I think that is expected. Ellie is all dressed in red for red ribbon week. 

Last week Elvis and I headed out for another mommy daughter date.  We stopped by a jewelry party then went out for frozen yogurt.  As we sat there eating our yogurt our conversation quickly turned from normal mommy daughter conversation to Ellie wanting to talk about my boyfriend.  This is how our conversation went.

E: Mom, who is your boyfriend?
M: Ummmm? my boyfriend?
E:  yeah... telllll me?? telllll me!?
M: Well technically I don't have a boyfriend I have a husband and you know who he is
E: No! tell me who your boyfriend is???
M: Well my very last boyfriend was a boy named John, and then I married him, and now he is my husband.
E: So now you can't have a boyfriend? wait, is it Justin Beaver?  Can he be your boyfriend?
M: ha ha ha, no... Justin Beaver is half my age.  Honey, once you get married you have a husband, he is your permanent boyfriend.
E: Can I tell you who my boy friend is?
M: trying not to be shocked by the news that she has a boyfriend I calmly answered, "of course."
E: Ok, but you can't tell anyone (here I am telling the world... or the handful of people that read my blog... But I'm not really gonna tell :-)
M: Ok honey, I won't tell.
E: "NAME OF BOYFRIEND" said in a very slow and doting voice
M: Oh, is that a kid in your class?
E: Yep
M: Well, how do you know he is your boyfriend?
E: I don' know, he just is
M: Does he know that he's your boyfriend?
M: Oh, gottcha.  But you like him?
E: Yeah
M: What do you like about him
E: Um, I dunno.... he's nice
M: Well OK

I learned some very interesting things on my mommy daughter date 1) My little girl is super grown up 2) She is really girly  3) She is interested in boys out of nowhere!  That hit me like a freight train.  She has made "Justin Beaver" comments in the past... but this is a real boy.  4) She has "boyfriend" in the same category as "a crush."  I'm cool with her having a "boyfriend" as long as he doesn't know about it.   

I remember thinking that Carston Carter was the most important person on the planet, but I was in fourth grade... FOURTH... not first.  Actually there might have been a little crush on Zack prior to that, but who's keeping track.

Mia gets plenty of mommy/daughter dates, but usually to a medical facility.  We need to schedule some frozen yogurt trips just me and her.  Now that I am backing down from not taking her in public places.  I sure do love my girls.

JB takes the kids out too... I'll let him post those.  Jensen is our kid that is always labeling the outings. He earns money and immediately wants to go spend it so he goes on a lot of Jensen/mommy dates and daddy/Jensen dates.  How do I get my kids to save their money?  It seems impossible.  They both have the burning a hole in your pocket mentality.  Can't say I entirely blame them, but at this rate Jense is never going to make it to his go-kart. 

Well, It is all snowy outside and all of the kids are dying to get out there.

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Um I think we had the same crushes!