Nov 16, 2011

More greats from my cell

Now that I can get pics from my phone to my computer, I have some lovely pictures from a few years back.  Ellie in the dentist chair.  This was when she was in love with going to the dentist... read below for when that all changed.

Oh my little chubster.  I'm pretty sure she wasn't on steroids at this time, but she sure looks like it.  
I miss this little face... she was/is the sweetest little girl. 

I distinctly remember having some major anxiety because I took her to a public place. I was so OCD back then, I sanitized her hands probably 13 times before we left the dentists office.  

This picture cracks me up because Jense had cavity and I totally made this mistake.  
Here is the picture to go with that story.  

Our house... it seems like so long ago since we've lived there.  
Yes, much of the year we had our outdoor toys indoors. That is just the Washington way

Jensen's bike crash.  Poor kid

My kids and their silly faces.  A few years back. 

Nat and I took Mia to Walmart.  She was trying on hats.  I love the polka-dot snow boot combo.  John really really really wants to dress up Walmart style and take pictures in Walmart for our family Christmas card.  Merry Christmas... ala Walmart.  Still deciding. 
Everything should be funny in his world.

Ok, this is my favorite picture of the lot.  Ellie was getting her teeth cleaned and the hygienist practically had to wrestle the girl.  I was the annoying mom who sat in the corner and took pictures instead of trying to help.  Actually I did intervene... I felt bad for the poor girl.  My kids are traumatized by all things dentist, which if you read the other post is probably mostly my fault.

- Now I'm off to see what Gems are on JB's phone.

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Brimaca said...

That last pic is hilarious!