Nov 13, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

This year for red ribbon week the theme was " I-tune out drugs"

Crazy Hair day was by far their favorite day.  Mia's hair looked awesome.

Jense wanted a blue Mohawk and his initials on the side of his head. 

The big J.  I didn't know that spraypaiting hair could be so much fun. 

After crazy hair day the kids spent a long time jumping/swimming in the leaves.

Mia was yelling "HI HI HI" to people passing the house.  She is a friendly little thing.

When Ellie came home from school she promptly replenished her pink and purple spray paint. We could have gotten a little crazier with her actual hair-do, but she was running late that morning. 

Mia stayed and played in the leaves long after the older kids were over it.  She would yell, "surprise!!" and throw leaves up in the air then fall back into the leaves and laugh and laugh. 

It was a scene straight out of a movie, but I didn't have my video camera close by.  Mia is growing and growing and is such a bright little thing.  Her teacher says she is really smart... I think so too. 


Heather and Tim said...

Hi there,
I read all your posts, and I LOVE them!! But when I saw this AMAZING photo of Mia, I just had to post a note myself. That BLUE is just so deep and mesmerizing! I can't stop looking at them! What a beautiful little angel!

Brimaca said...

Her hair was awesome!