Nov 16, 2011


"Wub Yoo"
" A Mess"
"Choo choo!" train
" Hewoah"
"bye bye"
" I get it" door bell
" EAT!"
"Nigh Night"
" Ba doo ba"
" Sibby"
" Mines"
"Bes" -you're the best
" tiss"  kisses
" peeese" please
"taint do"  thank you
" nis" nice
" bus" tooth brush
" on"
" But"  button
"pooos"  push
" DANS" dance
" dark"
"moont"  moon
" mmm num" yummy
" dog dog"
"Dense" Jense
"tand up" Stand up
"Oh dee" All done
"bebe" baby
"bed" bread
"NO NO" as he points to himself
"bont" bonk
"MON!" c'mon

Sam is talking nonstop and I don't want to miss one word!