Nov 3, 2011

She knows

She knows where to stand on the porch for her picture to be taken

She knows when I tell her it's time to get her backpack that she gets to go "play with friens" 

She knows that her backpack is just like putting on a superhero cape in her world. 

She knows how to steal my heart.


Katie said...

Cute post! Mia, you're such a beautiful girl, so full of life! Loves from Washington :)

Sheryl said...

I have spent the last several days reading your blog from the beginning. I have laughed and cried. You are a wonderful mother, have a beautiful family and Mia is an absolute inspiration. My granddaughter is named Mia as well, she is 6 months old. Now that I am all caught up my down time will be boring:)

Mimi said...

Oh Sheryl you absolutely 100% made my day!! Thanks for reading. Mia is the best name huh?

Thanks again, I will go skip around the block now :-)