Nov 22, 2011

Superheroes and Washington Love

My friend Rebecca came into town to visit me.  Ok, I was actually an after thought, but whatever, I'll take it.  We wanted to do a photo shoot together so she gathered up all of her girl cousins and a boy from our old ward brought his friends and we had a superhero photo shoot.  It was awesome.  The rain was POURING down 20 minutes before we were going to take pictures.  I told her it was all her fault for coming from raining Washington to sunny Utah.  We lucked out and the clouds parted right in time.

While we waited for the photo shoot to begin, we did a little shopping and then we took a nap on the grass by the bell towers (before the downpour).  Sleeping next to the bell tower is not the brightest idea... but we were crazy tired and would have crashed pretty much anywhere.

After naptime we went to the BYU creamery for old times sake (even though we weren't there at the same time) and both got the burnt almond fudge.  It might as well have been plain ol' fudge because there might have been one maybe two almonds. I knew I should have gone with the mint/chocolate chip :-) 

A day after she left, Jensen and Ellie got these adorable pillow cases in the mail from Alice and Ruby.  They have pictures of their friends so they could see them every night before they went to bed.  Such a cute idea!!!  I am going to make pillows with my face on it for all of my sisters for Christmas- HA! totally kidding!

ok- onto the awesome photo shoot- 

We sped up to Orem to find some fabric for capes and some masks.  It is still up for debate who can cut out a better block letter.  She claims that cheerleaders (really old cheerleaders mind you)  ;-)  have the upper hand when it comes to block letters...I'm pretty sure that my M smoked her M.  When the two of us get together it goes on and on like this... we have so much fun together!  Once everyone got there, it was all fun and games after that!  Here are a few of my fav's from the million that I took.  Oh, and the picture above is completely out of focus... but I still like it.

Super Hero boy....

Meets super hero girl.....

and another girl.....

 and another girl.  That is just how it goes down at BYU.  he he.  totally kidding

We were hoping they would be as enthusiastic about each other as they were about being superheroes. 
Toward the end of the shoot they warmed up... but 19 year old boys... are 19 year old boys.

I love this superhero shot- I wish his cape would have flown up more...
it looks like we safety pinned it to his rear... which we did not. 

This cape did its job... 

Superhero Boys by Day

Superero Boys by Night

The girls (Rebec's cousins) were nothing short of perfection.  How fun to have your sisters (four on right) and cousin at college with you?? Talk about clothes swap!!  I'm all about the sister thing... all about it.  I was never at college with a sister, but I can imagine the fun times. These girls were so fun, and seriously must have the the best mom EVER!  :-)

"Superman" - I just like this one.

Everyone jump on the count of 3!!



I said 3! 
- I have more pictures of this beautiful girl that I will post soon.

This was one of the boy's idea... we just went along with it.  Love it. 

Would you believe that this very photoshoot was the begining of a relationship for them all?  Yes, they all went on a big group date and pretty much fell in love.  No not really... but that was our plan!
We are going to go into business taking pictures of complete strangers hoping they like each other and end up dating.  It's called matchmakerograpy.  Book now cause we're filling right up. 


On a totally separate note, can someone PLEASE tell me why my a handful of my pictures are coming up like this on my computer?  This has never happened to me before and I am at a loss.  

the end.


Riley Family said...

Those are fantastic superhero photos! You and Rebecca are talented and lots of fun!

Danielle said...

Oooh, red belt super girl is super hot. Question: did all of these people just have that amount of spandex on hand? Do they keep a separate drawer just for spandex? Were they thinking "finally I get to wear that bright pink unitard I spent $50 on"?

Mimi said...

Thanks Jenn!

he he boo- I think they went to DI for the fancy spandex. Don't you have a spandex drawer? I thought everyone did :-)