Nov 30, 2011


Thanksgiving Story-

Once Upon a time... there was a little girl named Ellie who brought home a Thanksgiving book. It contained many cute wonderful pages of Pilgrims, and Indians, and thanksgiving food.  

The back page was a list of things she was thankful for.  Nana, Sam...then number 4.  Number 4 clearly states satin.  I'm pretty sure my six year old does not know what satin is... but is is definitely something to be thankful for.  When she was reading me the book and got to number 4 she read "Satan."  I said, "Oh... ok, why are you thankful for Satan?"  To which she replied, " Well, nobody likes him and says that he is really bad... and I just want to be nice." 

I didn't have a reply. I just said, "that's nice of you."
I am am so thankful for my satin/Satan appreciating daughter.  She is so sweet... even showing compassion toward Satan.  This girl.  So much love... so little time. 

Making the rolls was a family affair. 

Everyone got to put in their respective ingredients.  Flour was a big hit.  
We added a little too much flour... but they were still tasty!

Our Thanksgiving FEAST!  All of my sisters had other plans so it was just us.  It is by far the smallest group gathered for Thanksgiving (except for when we had Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital) to date. 

Sam didn't mind that the rolls were oversized and had too much flower in them. 

He ate them by two's!  

Happy Thanksgiving from all us roll making crazies. 

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