Nov 27, 2011

Transplant Anniversary Day

Transplant anniversary day was a great day.  Definitely a day to be thankful!  Thanksgiving day has nothing on transplant anniversary day.  If the two were competing for day of most gratitude, transplant day would win hands down.  It was a beautiful day.

Our first stop was to the hospital for her check up.  She did awesome.  She is such a flirt will the doctors, nurses, and echo ladies.  The fist words out of her mouth when someone talks to her is a grocery list of everything she does in preschool.  It's pretty important stuff, and everyone needs to know!  Coloring and snack are extremely important topics in her world.  Medically everything looked great. No changes, no concerns.  They even gave her a little blanket for her transplant anniversary... which she fell in love with.  She labeled all of the animals the entire drive home.

It was such a speedy appointment that we made it home in time for her to go to "pweeschool."  My mom had cupcakes all ready to go for her classmates.  I frosted them up headed out the door.  We also took some of her favorite snacks to share for her big 3 year anniversary.  Mia is such a lucky little girl to have six teachers.  One of them was not there, but she has really fantastic teachers and loves going to class.  She gets so much attention and is learning so much.  It is going to be a shock when she has to go to Kindergarten with only one teacher.

Sammy took Mia for a stroll after school. 

He didn't get very far using the baby doll stroller

Mia didn't seem to mind that they were barely moving.  
Mia and Sam waved to Heaven and we sent balloons off earlier for Jacob.  It was a wonderfully peaceful day.  

Papa said he would have something special for Mia later that night. 
He did not disappoint. 

Mia was in love with her surprise.  

Papa set up his train and Mia got to play trians with Papa.  
After a lot of "ooo's" and "ahhh's" we went and got Sammy. 

Sammy loves "choo choo" and it might as well of been Christmas morning in his book. 

Papa showed him which button to push to make the whistle blow.

Buttons and trains.... heaven on earth

It was really entertaining to watch their joy.  Sammy kept squealing with delight and Mia kept giving Sammy the play by play about the train. "It go round and round Sam, round and round."

Papa stepped it up a notch and let Sammers wear the conductor hat

Then he hooked on the train pocket watch- he was adorable. 
Mia shared her special treat with her little bro.  
They stayed and watched that train go "round and round" for a long time.  
I sat and watched their Joy and thought about our sweet Jacob.
Then I thought of his sweet Mama.
I wish she could see the sweetness of little Mia... and know that the heart she gave her is so happy... and that maybe he was there playing trains with Mia in spirit. 

Despite the cold, it was a beautiful day.  Mia was fascinated with all of the leaves stuck to the fence.  It must have seemed like magic to her.  Mia living each day is like magic to me.  We are so blessed and have been given so much.  Thanks to our sweet donor family we have our little girl.  I know it is a difficult time of year for them, and I know that no amount of me saying "thank you" takes away the pain of not having her son and their grandson.  I hope they know of our love and gratitude.
Thank you!!!!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

i can't believe it's been 3 years. in some ways it feels like just yesterday we were chillin at the hospital. glad those days are over but i miss you all! can't believe how grown up mia looks. what a miracle she is! love you guys.

Steven and Whitney said...

I had to catch my breath after the video and as I read further down, I saw the sweet teachers of the preschool. My mom was the speech pathologist for that preschool. Such sweet teachers. They are so lucky to be able to teach Mia. I wish my mom could've known her too.

Mimi said...

Oh Whit! I would have loved loved loved that too. Mia would have loved her! Big hugs to you... I'm sure it never gets easy. Love you!

Brimaca said...

That pic of Sammers is to die for. Well they were all cute but the one half-way down close up. Seriously could he be any more handsome? And Mia is still the sweetest lil' thing ever!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love the pics of the tree filled fence. Super cute! Sam is so big. That pic of him in a previous post going down the stair with no hands...woah. BIG. We love miracle Mia!