Nov 8, 2011


Halloween treats have never been so convenient, thanks to pinterest.  Is anyone else addicted?

Jensen's masterpiece. 

Ellie loved the skeleton so she made one right after her spider web.  Um yes that is a syringe, we have all sizes kicking around this place.  They have many uses.  Many many uses. I should make a list.

Mia's spider web turned out perfectly... and stayed perfect for about as long as it took to harden, and then it was promptly consumed. 

I apologize in advance for the other Halloween posts I have yet to post.


Sheryl said...

I am addicted to pintrest. What is your user name so I can follow you?

Mimi said...

yes, that would be great. It is just my name... mimimcdonald

find me and I'll find you back :-)