Dec 10, 2011

John Boy is practicaly 40!

Ever since I became slightly addicted to Pintrest I have lost all originality.  Truly... I have not had one original idea in months!!  This idea for birthdays is one that I am particularly fond of.   Opening one gift every hour on the hour... sounds like a fabulous birthday to me! The kids and I purchased all of the gifts and then realized that they wouldn't be around for the majority of the unwrapping so we nixed that idea. Instead, the kids sorted the toys, hid them, then gave their dad clues to find them.  
I suppose that was sort of original :-)

Sammers was right in the mix the entire time.  He grabbed his wrapped gifts and headed out to find the perfect hiding spot.  Sam's gifts for daddy were not so much hidden as they were opened.

Mia is suddenly really really into "pesents."  not to be confused with peasants- they just sound the same. :-)  Anything associated with Christmas quickly turns to the phrase... "ooo Christmas! pesents too? pesents Mia?"  I think she just knows the word- it's not like she has asked for anything for Christmas.  She just knows that presents go hand in hand with Christmas.  It makes me want to buy her a lot of "pesents."  

The sorting is very serious business.  All piles MUST be equal or mommy's sanity flies out the window.  Being the giver that she is, Ellie gave a majority of her pile to the "babies" and a neighbor kid who wanted to help too. 

Jense was clever with his hiding places and clues.  My Jense buddy does everything with his whole intention... and I love it.  

Sam ran through the house with the same two gifts screaming with excitement, but not really knowing why. Every once in a while I would hear him yell "wedy go!" mixed in with all of the happy screams.

He runs through the house and can now clear the step with ease.  I want my cautious baby back!

After his workout he needed a little water break.  

This little grouping of goofballs are the biggest joys in my life!

Not sure who the accomplice was, but Sammers had a bag of Swedish fish opened and distributed before the unwrapping was complete. 

Mia kills me in this pictures.  She is learning the art of the courtesy smile... LOVE IT!

For his birthday dinner JB requested "crockpot ribs, with a yummy salad, brussels sprouts, and yummy drink." I didn't realize it until this second, but he uses "yummy" a lot to describe dishes. 

Jense was in charge of the candles this year. He did great!

Mia and Sam were in charge of being incredibly adorable. 

Mia is a wish making/candle extinguishing pro... Sam is just getting started.
John's birthday cake was a yummy Jell-O dessert that his mom makes often.  I thought it was delicious, but it John made another one the next day... the right way :-)

Hopefully daddy made a good wish!  I wish that he does a good job on his finals this next week.
He has had a great semester! Way to go JB... we are proud of you and are proud that you are gettin so big!  Happy Birthday to our daddy/Johnboy! 


jayna said...

Awesome!!! Happy Birthday!

Brimaca said...

Happy Birthday, Old Man! ;) Kiddoes are so amazingly adorable.

monica said...

Happy practically 40th birthday!!!! You're one fantastic guy. Always have been.

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Happy Belated bday, JB. Sad we missed it!

Shelley Eggett said...

You never did tell his true age. You sound like me, I've been saying Kent is practically forty since he was 33 or 34 ish. Looks like a fun Birthday. John is lucky to have all of you.