Dec 12, 2011

North Pole er Express

* I hate to demote the video post, but my blogs are stacking up. Thank you to everyone who watched and re-shared it. I have received some beautiful emails from complete strangers who loved the video. Thanks so much!! 

A few weeks back the kids and I along with the Sellers fam went on the "North Pole Express."  I guess it used to be called the "Polar Express" but they had to change the name.  So... we call it the "North Pole er Express...cause we refuse to conform. :-)  One of my favorite people from my teenage years works on the train with my dad.  She was Mother Christmas that night.  Sammers was not scared one bit of "mother Christmas" but Santa was a completely different story. 

Girl's vs. Boys.  We decided that the boys should have one side of the train and the girls should have the other.  I don't have a picture of the girls' side, but the boys' side is plenty cute!

Miss Mia was in Heaven on the "choo choo train."  The first item of business once on the train is getting yummy hot cocoa and cookies.  I really loved the hot cocoa.  I usually pass on hot cocoa, but this cocoa was particularly tasty.  

These two played musical chairs... which was fine because all of the seats behind us were empty.  I think they were excited to be in a locomotive (who uses that word still?) and not strapped down. 

Suz and Syd.  I think Syd is trying to communicate in sign language in this picture.

YAY Santa!!  Santa goes from car to car visiting all of the kiddos and giving them a bell.  Ellie loved the attention and was sure to tell Santa exactly what she wanted.  She
 asked sweetly for an American girl Doll and American girl Doll clothes.  

I was trying to get a pic of all the kids with Santa.  Sam was terrified.  Once I set him even close to Santa, he was instantly in tears.  This is the closest picture I have to a "group shot." 

Mia was more than willing to chat up Santa.  She said, " I go peeschool, and choo choo train."  
Ellie tried to prompt her on what to say... but, Mia just said, "yeah presents."  

Once they had the bells from Santa Claus it was ring-a-ling central.  I don't think they stopped shaking their bells until we got off of the train.  Luckily it was a pleasant bell sound. 

When Papa wasn't doing his duties on the train he came and sat with us.  The kids love that he works on the train.  Last night as he was leaving to go work on the train Jensen yelled, 
"Good luck on the train Papa!" 

Ellie and Jense were good little volunteers for reading jokes and holding signs for singing.  Suz is in the background doing an interpretative dance we made up as children.  We grew up listening to this CD every year and we made up a dance to go with the 12 days of Christmas.  We had no problem going ahead and performing it for each other as we sat there.  She is doing the hand part to partridge in a pair tree... so original eh?

Back at the station and ready to go eat at the "train restaurant."  The kids love Dairy Keen! While we were sitting there eating I had flashbacks to when I always wanted whatever my older sister ordered.  I usually just ordered the same thing as her because she has good taste like that.  Both her husband and I decided to split the thing that she ordered (after we already ate our meal).  
I guess somethings never change. Once a little sister... always a little sister.

We had to make a stop at the "Christmas time tree."  I am of the opinion that it is fine to go ahead and set up your Christmas tree prior to Thanksgiving.  I understand that most people have a holiday by holiday policy... but pretty much anytime after Halloween works for me.  The tree is now up and it officially feels like the holiday season.  I thought Sam would be in constant un-decorate mode, but he has left the tree 100% alone.  It's pretty much the only thing he doesn't get into- so we'll take it.  
Stay tune for the Christmas Tree post.


Steven and Whitney said...

I thought Mother Christmas looked slightly familiar! How fun is that? You better be ready for me in January and February...I'm going to need a friend.

Brimaca said...

I want to go!