Dec 18, 2011

Oh Christmas "Tee"

Tree decorating 2011

Jense in action 

Elvis in action... or pretending to be while I take the picture. 

Mia took it easy...

Until we put a "twinkle star" in her hands. 

Then she got to work decorating the tree with the "big kids." 

Mia has turned into quite the Christmas enthusiast.  She exclaims, "SANTA!! HE IS COMING TO TOWN!!!" anytime there is anything resembling a Santa Clause.  She learned the song in preschool and can sing it pretty well.  A few days before Christmas she was sitting at the table and quickly stood up in her chair and said "Oh santa!"  While she was sitting back down she would add, "he's coming to town."  I just love the after thought.  She did this over and over and we looked forward to each and every announcement.  

Sam is pretty pumped about everything- yes everything.  He would request that we turn on the Christmas tree lights by yelling, "tee tee tee tee" in almost a paniced voice.  Everything is an emergency in his world and his middle name is wide eye'd.  He is so excited we just can't contain him. 

I showed him how to put the ornaments on, but he still stood there for a longer that expected amount of time with the ornament next to the branch.  I think he was hoping it would magically string itself up.  

He would eventually just hand them to me and insist I put them on the tree for him.  A few times this Season I caught him just looking at the tree... pondering about something.  It would be fun to know what his thoughts are.  

Mia was pretty partial to the star ornament and put it on the tree then took it off... then put it on, then took it off again.  I think she was hoping it would end up at the top of the tree.  We had an angel at the top of the tree this year, which was a big hurdle for my kids.  Don't mess with tradition mom!

I don't know why I am posting another picture nearly identical to the one before this one.  She is so sweet... and so in love with "Christmas time."  Toddlers and Christmas are all sorts of fun. 

Sam is my last little baby elf.  He is so big and so chatty.  Every day he presses the fast forward button and every day his moma tries to capture his every move.  He is  moving/growing up at an impossible rate. 

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