Dec 19, 2011

Park City Get away

Me and Monica a la cell phone picture!  I took this picture to send to Rebecca- to be mean.  not really. ;-)  A good chunk of her "people" have moved to Utah and we like to rub it in.  We are starting a campaign for her to move here too.  It would never happen in a million years, but it won't stop us from trying.  Monica has a super fancy condo that she wasn't going to use for five days or so she offered it to us.  Since we live next door to Park City we packed up and lived there for a few days.
It was fabulous! 

Me y mis hermanacitas. One of the nights that my family wasn't staying there, my sisters came up and we had a little girl's night.  I had to get up crazy early to get home and get my kids to school... but it was totally worth it!  We made delicious food and spent the night laughing at a certain website that I will not disclose :-) I think I was trying to cover something up in this picture... I need bigger hands! :-)

I had on extra fancy make-up because my friend the make-up artist did my make up.  You can click HERE to watch the video, but we warned that I look drastically larger on camera... in my opinion :-)

"Oh... this place is the BEST!"  was Jensen's first statement after we walked in the door. 
They were really excited about:
- the insane amount of feather pillows on the bed
- the "hot pool"
- the game room
- the olympic sized bath tub
- the promise of watching a movie while floating in the swimming pool aka "float- In."
 The kids were in love with this place! Thank you so much Monica!

*I just have to mention Jensen's baseball pants- with snow outside! 
He must be my kids because I didn't make him change.  

This little man ran the loop of the condo over and over again.... screaming... loudly.  Every once in a while he would run up to someone with a big open mouth like he was going to say something, then he would just run away.  I think he was mimicking our excited faces.  He had so much fun and learned the word "funny!" on this trip.  We ALL had a ton of fun.  Thank you so much Monica for giving us such an awesome place to hang out for a few days. 
After utilizing three big screens... my kids will never be the same!

Do you remember the interpretive dancing I was telling you about?  Well, I'm not sure why Suz isn't in this picture, but this is a modified Five Gold Rings dance move.  Maybe we'll have to do a tutorial and you can all teach your children "the dance."   Trevor (Monica's fiance) snagged my camera and took a bunch of pictures.

Park City in winter time is so beautiful!  I love the mountain side all aglow from night skiing resorts.  It makes me want to go night skiing because it looks so magical. We had fresh snow and we could look out of the window to a ski lift.   I have so many wonderful memories of park city and ski school through the years.  I might have to revisit Park West... I mean Wolf Mountain... oh wait, it's the Canyons now I think- for old times sake.  Nothing beats hot soup and a monster order of fries after a long day of skiing.

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Shelley Eggett said...

I love park city! I think we have stayed at those condos before. Looks like so much fun!