Feb 28, 2011

Sam's Do's... and Do Not's

Hello Handsome!  Welcome to the blog where John and I give Sam some awesome hair styles laughing like little kids the entire time.  Don't worry... we did this to Jense all the time when he was a baby.  Some of these hair-do's have corresponding songs that must be sung.

The Wave

The crazy

The Grandpa

Half Justin Beaver half high winds from behind and 100% please give me a haircut

"Numba NINE"

Paisley Head


Samantha #2  - we're so mean
He did not like us giving him girl hair- and a bow? dude, mom... dad!
He even had tears, but we managed a smile.

"The Claw"

This is a tribute to my bangs grades 6- 10 ish


"I've lost my mind"

"On the wings of love"

Wannabe Mohawk
Cupie doll

Comb over with some flare

I mean duck tail... aahhoooo!


"Ok, ok... this is fun"

"but, can I be done?"

"Just keep feeding me and I can be here all day!"
Ok, he actually has two hair styles that he wears naturally that we didn't get to- they are: "college boy," which is hard to distinguish in this photo, but close enough, and....

this one's for you dad-  the FLYIN' O. He has Flyin' O (my dad's brand) hair pretty much everyday.  Who knew a baby with a crazy cowlick in the front of his head could have so many hair-do's?

Feb 24, 2011

Mia biopsy take 2

My little miss-ta-meener is having another biopsy in the morning.  This is the follow up biopsy telling us that the prednisolone bump completely reversed her rejection and her heart is back to zero rejection.  Yes, that is the news I will be posting tomorrow.

In other Mia news- she is doing the funnest things right now.  Here are a few things:

  • She is climbing on everything.  She uses chairs to climb onto the table.  When she gets there she waits for people to notice then squeals with delight when we say, "meeeeuhhhhh!"  She loves getting caught at doing something she thinks as being naughty.  
  • Mia requests to "dans" at least once a day.  She brings me my phone or ipod and says, "dans, dans" and shakes her booty back and forth.  Her dance is a crack up in and of itself.  She picks up her feet and rocks back and forth with her torso going in the opposite direction as her hips and she has her elbows out- and always with a big smile on her face.  I think she learned this dance from Chris Farley.  
  • Her vocabulary has exploded and John and I are continually asking each other... "did she just say ____?"  Here are some of our favorite phrases:  "ere go babe" here you go baby "Oh gosh" "Oh look a baby" "oh cry oh cry" don't cry "no no bebe, no no babe" "oooo bus bus" "go side? go side?"  "ahlow mommie!"  "bankie peas" blanket please " "go spash?" wants to take a bath "hank you!"  Mia says "hank you" when you hand her anything... and when she hands something to you!  Her politeness is adorable.  "MONKEY!"  She has a little monkey app game she plays and can't get enough of.  Lastly, she thinks she is funny, and does and says things she thinks is funny... however she calls it "money."  We get a kick out of her making a funny noise or poking her head around the corner and saying "Boo!" then following it up with a "ha ha money!"  She is Money!
 Here is Mia Pre steroids

 and after

Maybe you don't notice the difference in her face, but I do.  Oh this girl!
Please say a prayer for little miss tonight that her biopsy goes well tomorrow and we get
great news

The party- a picture story.

 Once Again, here is Ellie enjoying her birthday minute with her sis. 

Mia was succesful blowing out the candles for the FIRST TIME!  I can't wait for her 3rd birthday.  Now that she is all practiced up. Ellie is a Gem.  She did blow some of those candles and hopefully made a wish.  I think her wish definitely came true to have a great party... she loved it.  The pictures to prove it:

The gymnastics party would not be complete with out the big hanging rope.
There were a few close calls with kids getting lit up with a flying body... but everyone made it out.

Mia's favorite spot was the trampoline... more on this in a sec

Sam's grandpa face...daddy gave him a comb over.

Sam goin' for 8 seconds. Doesn't he look like a rider?

Still committing to one hand in the air.  He knows that you get eliminated if you hold on with more than one hand.
I can only giggle...nothing to say.

Jense was busy acting like a caged animal the entire time.  He was pink cheeked and out of breathe every time I saw him.

Mia surprised us with her ability to hold onto the rope.  She loved it... and insisted on it.  Until... her legs slipped.  She was fine. Nothing stops this girl!

The parachut was a big hit for all the kids.  Mia squeeled under there and kept saying, "oh ball, oh ball."

Ellie's big request was to have everyone sit on the parachute and sing twinkle twinkle.  She had a few other suggestions as well, and enjoyed running the show for a minute.

We had two special quests come a demonstrate some routines for the party guests.  They are soo cute! and talented!

After the awesome gymnastics tricks Ellie got to work on her own tricks.  She is so impressionable.  This was an instant reaction.  I love it.  She stopped running around with her friends for a minute and dedicated her time to practice up.

Have to have a signature Ellie and Karrissa shot.  

Lady and the tramp

Ok... here is the story... a little scary... a little surprising...but very adorable.

After the cake, candles, and ice cream we were all relaxing watching Ellie open her gifts.  Mia was sitting there with her dad watching the gift reveals and then directly after the gifts was the pinata.  It was a pull string pinata so it went quickly, but while we were cleaning up I went back into the gymnastics room (we were in a neighboring room that leads to the gymnastics room via a storage closet) to retreive my shoes.  When I entered the massive room there was not a sole in sight, but there was Mia jumping on the tramp with a sucker in her mouth.  Somehow post pinata she snuck back in BY HERSELF to relive her glory days of freedom on the long trampoline.  I just sat down on the mat next to her and watched her for a few minutes.  She was so happy.  I almost cried.  Then I took her sucker... cause it touched the tramp.  Luckily we had the place to ourselves, but it's good to know that when given the opportunity she will go exploring.

"Bombs Away!" Jens mastered the tricks into the foam pit.

Dreamy eyed girl.  She is thinking of the tramp.

Ellie got to wear Ella's grips to try them out on the bars.  She loved her party and loved her gifts.  She has been playing non stop with all of her gifts.  Thanks to everyone who came, she felt so special!

Feb 21, 2011

New Life

This past year I have been to three births, well four if you count my birthing experience with Slammer. Yes, let's count it because I was definitely there.

New life, first cries, love at first sight, helpless bonding, I felt so priveledge to witness it all.

A few weeks back I mentioned I had witnesses a miracle that night.  This was the miracle I was referring to.  I was at the birth of my sweet little nephew.  It was incredible.  All of it.  These pictures are only a small fraction of the memories of that night.  Many of my favorites I decided not to post.  Perhaps if I end up doing this more often I will post a pregnant belly now and again.

I am around these two often and know of their love for each other. The birth of their son was no exception. In fact I almost felt like an intruder on the love fest. I had to remind myself that I was there at a birth and not a wedding.  It was refreshing to witness their stolen glances and affection.  Dylan was so supportive and tuned out everything but his bride... I mean wife.  Meet baby 4 for these two loves birds. Oh and if you haven't read enough about them this past year, or don't remember, this is my sister in law... John's baby sis.  We call her "Beeps."

When you scroll through pictures for the first time, especially when you are crying behind the camera... you are hoping for at least one money shot.  This picture was the money shot of my girl friend Jaime's shoot.  I am in love with this picture!  I have a few captions that could go along with this picture, but my favorite is... "look what we made, honey!"  I love the look in her eyes and the curious expression on daddy's face.  I love this picture- and I love this girl!  "Jaime Buddy" was one of my first friends here.  After talking with her one time I knew I had to be her friend. It was such a treat to be at her daughters birth. 

Jaime had the most perfect birth.  Her baby girl just came right out... no struggle...no holding off...she didn't even wait for the doctor.  I was ready to put the camera down and catch the baby, but luckily the doctor ran in the room and without even gloving up caught Jaime's 4th little bundle of sweetness.  It was a miracle, and felt so privileged to be there.   

I can't really take any credit for these pictures.  My friend was responsible for setting her own camera the way she wanted, and then handed it to me to click away.  I don't really know if this counts as any kind of photography talent... she even did her own editing.  It was a beautiful experience, and one I will never forget.  Little B was born just a couple weeks before Sam, and I distinctly remember him kicking me when B came out.  Maybe it's because I was squishing him from squatting next to the tub, but I think he was celebrating her arrival. 

Having the two older sisters present was priceless. I loved watching all of the family members take in their new arrival.  The faces of the girls changed rapidly and included many different emotions.  Once little B was ready to come out, we went to wake up the girls and in a matter of minutes the baby was out.  It was beautiful.  The girls were in love... I was in love.  This was the first birth I witnessed, and after this experience was ready for more. I was honored to be there, and was happy that I could finally take pictures for someone that has taken plenty of pictures for me.  She is a fabulous photographer and let's me tag along on some shoots. 

One thing that all of these women had in common was how quickly their babies arrived once it was time to push.  I was in shock with how quickly it went... with all of them.  These ladies are wonder women!  They made child labor look like a walk in the park.  I have always had passive labors, but after watching these girls I am certain that having a baby is a piece of cake!! :-)  Just kidding.  I know better, they just made it look so easy and their babies were more than willing to make their debut. 

If you need a photographer at your birth... I'm your girl.  I will try not to cry... I swear.  Although the other day when I found out that my little sister's fetal echo was flawless I may have cried for awhile when we got off the phone.  I was so happy and couldn't contain the tears. It's a personal victory for me somehow.  This is not typical of my emotional state... it's just a baby/sister/fetal echo thing.