Apr 29, 2011

Minute to Win it

 We had the "BYU crew" over for a night of fun and laughs.
We played a bunch of minute to win it games. 
After the tally, Chris here was the weeeener!

There were quite a few honerable mentions however. I laughed so hard watching everyone try and knock cups over with this nylon/orange contraption stuck on their heads. You can't not laugh. It is hilarious!

John and I stay up late at night challenging each other in these games.  NOT! He was suprisingly good at this and the marble down the measuring tape game, and the tilted table game.  I on the other hand had to take my 60 second penalty on the stinkin' marble game.  The measuring tape was faulty :-)

 This game was my personal favorite.  We put a belt through a box with a big opening and you had to dance the balls out of the box.  It was some booty shakin hilarity. Eventually everyone resorted to standing on their hands, but this game was a riot.

 The cereal transfer through a straw game- it was suppose to be mini marshmellows, but I bought the big ones.  Woopsie.  Cereal worked just as well. 

We had so much fun! 
I would upload some videos- cause they are that funny, but I am too tired!
This blogging every night thing is killing me :-)
Actually, It's not the blogging... it's the moving.
If you live close by I am having a monster moving sale tomorrow. 
Buy one thing get 10 for free :-)

Instead of Packing...

We are wasting time...

Throwing children into the air...

To  land on a huge pile of pillows...

On top of our bed.

Between Sammers and Mia, Both John and I were completely worn out

Sam squeals with delight and charges his way back to the thrower-

While Mia states: "Mia Turn!!" over and over again.

Sam almost mastered the toe touch while in the air. 
His natural response to being tossed up high is to swing both legs out... and high.  It's adorable.  

Apr 28, 2011

It finally happened

My First born asked me for a cell phone!!!

Jense: Mom, do you think I could get a cell phone
Me: probably not, why would you want one?
Jense: Well, at school a lot of kids have them... even kids that are younger than me
Me: Seriously?
Jense: yeah, and they can use them to call and stuff
Me: Jense, who do you want to make a call to?
Jensen: I could call my friends or something like that
Me: Couldn't you just talk to them at school?
Jense:  Yes, but they also have games on the phones
Me: Uuuuum the answer is No, sorry pal.
Jense: When do you think I can have one?
Me: Not for a few years, but go ask your dad and see what he thinks
Jensen: (ten minutes later)  Dad said NO WAY!

Hopefully we won't have this conversation again for awhile.

This child of mine is growing up way too fast! Yesterday he asked me, "mom, do you know what commutative property of addition is?  John and I looked at each other and started to laugh.  He asked it so seriously and enunciated it perfectly and quickly.  I had a moment where I thought I wasn't talking to my own child- it was weird.

Sadly, I had to admit that I did not know what it was. I'm sure I knew at one time, but both John and I were shocked for a second time that our son is growing up so quickly. He proceeded to perfectly describe what it was... and yes I looked it up online to see if he was right.  He must have learned it that day, but I couldn't believe he remembered "commutative property of addition." 

-don't worry if you don't remember know what it means... you are among friends.

Apr 26, 2011

Drum Roll Please......


I'm so happy I am going to burst! Best news EEEEEEEVER!!  

If there is a cloud nine- I am definitely a resident
  No rain clouds here today!
Just blue skies and sunshine!

K- gotta go do some more happy dancing! Thanks for all your prayers!

kee hee. so happy!

No news

Did not get the results today
Hopefully tomorrow
I reeeeeeealy want to know.

I did have a fabulous dream about no rejection!
The information was presented to me on a paper that John had to decode
He told me the news and I was elated... in my sleep.

I woke up happy and grateful!

Apr 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

It was a glorious Easter Sunday today. 

Mia dyed some eggs (yesterday)

Elvis got in on the action as well. 

The kids helped makes some bunny and egg cookies

We had brunch with our friends the Pierces, and did our Easter Egg hunt at their house.
My mom made these little Easter outfits for the girls.  Perfect for egg hunting. 

All of the Egg hunters + Sam- who just wanted to spread them around after shaking them a time or two.  After having eggs around for the past week he can now spot them and insist on getting one in his hands.  I'm pretty sure he knows that there is something tasty inside.

While I was there I snapped some pic's of the kiddos in their Sunday Clothes. My favorite thing about this picture is the shoes on Sam's feet- they stayed on, but almost doubled his actual size. 

Ellie wanted to be with me the entire day on Sunday, and put up a fight about going to class.
(she might have gotten in trouble for this)

Jense had a lot to say about the Resurrection after church!  This kid is an information sponge.
He used his knowledge and taught the FHE lesson. 

Sammers was so delicious in this suit.

We even took little Mia to church.  She got to wear her pretty dress and wear her fancy hat.  
We finished off the holiday with Dinner at Ryan and Shanna's home.  It was a lovely evening with their family and John's dad and step mom.  We are blessed!

Happy Easter!

The little Ones

I tried to get some pictures of the kids and this is pretty much the best shot I got.  
Yes, that is the stinging nettle right behind the kids.  
Luckily the stinging is now gone.
The sting of how cute my kids are remains!

Apr 22, 2011

Biopsy Shmyopsy

It was biopsy day today.  First off, I've decided that my 30 day challenge is turning into more of a family LOG than a family BLOG.  I'm cool with that.  I had some awesome topics in my head that I was planning on writing about, but alas...my kids crowd out anything else that may potential sneak in. I'm ok with that too.

For example, biopsy day.  I woke up cursing the alarm clock.  Don't get me wrong... I love being "first case" but with the commute and factoring in traffic I barely hi-five'd my bed last night.  As usual Mia was a little sweetheart.  She proudly announced "BYE" to anyone who came in (and there are always a lot of pre-op folks).  It was her way of politely asking them to just turn around and leave the way they came in.  "Bye Bye" is her new word for "No thanks."  Every night when I ask her if she wants to go to bed she tells me, "bye-bye ni-night."  or, I get a lot of "bye-bye nuggle" (snuggle).

Once she was carried off to the cath lab, I went out to wait for the pager to go off.  I should have tried to sleep, but I just sat and watched people come into the hospital and check in.  There are so many kids that come in and out of that hospital everyday- it is incredible!  The last couple times we have gone up to the hospital we have been greeted by hundreds and hundreds of pinwheels lining the sidewalks.  It is beautiful.  If the wind is blowing and all the pinwheels are moving, that is an added bonus.  It's nice feeling peaceful as you head in.  While waiting to be called back I overheard a mom of a little girl also waiting for surgery, saying she wished she could just take her place and do it for her.  Most parents I think would opt for this if it were an option, but I was just thinking the same thing moments before she said it out loud.  It was a bizarre coincidence.  

After I people watched for awhile, and texted some friends, my pager went off.  It was a good thing too because I could not stop crying.  The sweetest little boy stole my heart and I could stop the tears. That's another story.

Dr Rubio, who I might add is quite easy on the eyes, came in and told me that everything went great.  Her numbers, pressures, everything looked exactly the same.  Granted her numbers have always looked great from the beginning and when I say look the same it is not indicative of rejection. They took 4 medium samples and 1 small sample from her heart.  I hate this part.  I hate knowing that they take samples from the heart muscle.  I just think about all the little pieces they've taken and all the scarring because of it.  It really isn't that bad, but it is taking snippets of heart from my baby!   

Once I was able to see her again she was extremely groggy.  Then her grogginess turned in the grumpyness then she fell back asleep and the cycle continued until she fully woke up.  Once she wanted to talk the first thing she said was, "Come (which means can I come with you) daddy"  She was asking me to take her home to see her daddy. Sooo sweet!

We didn't have to wait in recovery that long because they acccessed her through her neck which doesn't require flat time.  It was nice to get on our way before traffic starts to get unruly.  When we got home she wanted to watch a bubble guppy, then it was off to bed.  Poor thing was beat.

The results will not be in until Monday, but I'm expecting that 'good friday' will produce an even better Monday.  Happy Good Friday!  It is a beautiful day here in WA!

Stinging Nettle Soup

I was stung by stinging nettle today.  I don't know what I was thinking really walking out into a clearing that was saturated with what looked like stinging nettle.  Cue story about little boy picking up a snake and the snake biting him.  It was all in the name of photography too.  I wasn't even chasing down a pot of gold or trying to catch something important that blew away. 

I thought I got all of the spines out, but I didn't.  It still hurts, and is keeping me awake.  It's not painful painful but definitely bothersome.  What was I thining? 

I looked online to see how to neutrilze the acid, and I found out that you can make soup out of stinging nettle!!  Yes, soup.  That is an errand you want to send someone on as a joke, "could you go harvest some of that plant for some soup I'm making."  No, that wouldn't be a good joke.  There are good jokes, and there are not so good jokes.  The paste does not work, incase you were wondering if the rememdy I went with helped.  I am still completely aware of the pain in my heels and soles of my feet.  Oh, did I mention that I was wearing high heels?  Maybe I deserved it...trying to go out into a marsh with high heels on. 

If you are as intrigued as I was about the soup- HERE is the recipe.

Speaking of pain- Mia's biopsy is tomorrow.  This biopsy completely snuck up on me.  Usually I have a week or so to torture myself and anticipate handing her back over.  I would taking stinking nettles over sending her back into the cath lab anyday.  She is such a little trooper.  When they enter through the neck her recovery is shortened, but she is sore for at least a few days.  I will let you know how our day goes.  Say a little prayer for little Mia that her body is back to 0 rejection. 

Apr 20, 2011

Easter Egg Eggstravaganza

Easter and Grandma's was a blast!  Mia, once she warmed up to the crowd went out exploring on her own.  She is doing this funny thing where she wants to be held (by me) if someone other than members of our immediate family are around.  She usually needs a good half an hour to warm up.

 Jensen and Ellie did some pre-hunt easter egg dying.  Jense once again is overly protective of the eggs that he "designs."  He takes so much pride in his work.  A few days ago he mentioned that he thinks he is a really good "artist."  It's interesting what the power of suggestion can do.  We talk about what an artist he is, and apparently he now believes it.

Then Elvis willy-nilly decorates her eggs (which I love) and wants to give them to people. She could care less about the fate of her eggs.  She just enjoyed "dunking" them and is contento to let them go be part of the hunt.

 Grandpa and my littles.  I love this shot.  Mia holding his hand... he is one of the trusted few.

Then to the slide.   Mia obviously ate something orange.  I need a good stain recipe.  I only ever use spray and wash and sometimes the stains survive.  Random side note.

Sammer Jim J is just plain adorable. He is a lover of every person.  He even reaches for strangers.  It is fun to see reactions of people when he is lunging for them.  I love it.  They are so caught off guard that a little baby is anxious to be held by someone he doesn't know.  If he makes eye contact with you, he will want to get in your arms, and then immediately thereafter will want to be returned to his mom. 

Time to burn the Easter eggs!  Just kidding, there is no burning of Easter eggs- that is just weird.  And wasteful! :-) Boys and fire... no explanation necessary. 

Mr. Eli- Handsome little dude. 

 Isaac was the birthday boy!  It was his birthday the day we celebrated Easter.  He brought me flowers- on his birthday.  What a little charmer! It sure worked... doesn't he have the cutest little face?

Mia was an interesting egg hunter.  She was very selective.  In the beginning she was pumped about picking up the eggs and shaking them.  Once the basket got involved she would pass them up, only putting certain ones in her basket.  We couldn't get her to grab this egg... it just wouldn't do.  She also started taking eggs from her basket and placed them back on the grass.  Ya know, cause you don't want to put ALL your eggs in one basket! :-) he he.

Ellie made up for Mia's selectivity.  Any egg, any color, any yummy treat inside... all in one basket. 
 It rained off and on- and this family gets creative when it comes to not getting wet.  It is interesting but most of the people I know who live here (where it rains all day every day) don't use umbrellas.  What's the point... the rain just blends into every day life.  Maybe all day everyday is a slight exaggeration, but it is very slight. :-)  (that is the second smiley face this post...you can never have too many smiley faces to signify sarcasm.  In my book.

"So this is love  mmm mmm m mmm so this     is   love" 
I love this little boy so much it hurts!

Rain didn't stop us from taking pictures! We have some funny commentary about our skin tones after looking at this shot.  I can't piece it back together to make it funny- but boy was it funny! (for the sake of not typing another smiley face, just pretend I mean smiley face.)

Little Brynn- so sweet.

One of these guys is doing his own thing.  John boy (in the back doing a cartwheel) is always doing something to be goofy- or make people laugh.  I guess I just blogged about his prankster abilities.  He is just a funny guy, and he gets results.  We were laughing at him.  He also likes to sabatage pictures, I think it is because I take so many it is his way of retalliating.

Family Easter was so fun!  The kids had so much fun and ate WAY too much candy. Grandma always throws such great parties with such delicious food!


I wanted to get a picture of all of John boy's brothers before we left.  These are all the boys in the family with the exception of his step brother Kelly.  I love when groups don't know you are taking the picture.  Those to me are the best shots.  I have plenty of other where they are all looking at me smiling, but it is a completely different feel to the photo.

Peace OUT! and happy Easter from us.

Apr 19, 2011

The Coolest Uncle

Uncle D picked up our kids the other night and took them to the "crash up derby."  The fair is a big deal around here.  It happens twice a year and there is a lot of fun things to see and do.  We were going to skip the spring fair, but uncle Dillon surprised the kids with an invitation to the derby.

 They are extra excited!  They waited out front raring to go.

Jensen loading up what items he might need.  Including his "dollas" for some treats. 

Cotton Candy everywhere.

Spoiled kids!  Ellie has a big bag of pink popcorn.

Thanks so much uncle D!  You really are the man!  The kids had so much fun and keep watching the video they recorded over and over again.   We are really going to miss you guys!