May 31, 2011

And just like that

 Jensen grew up.

Jense is my reader... he has burned his way through the magic tree house books.  Last week John brought home a book from the library and told Jhim it was a "big kid" book.  It was called boy and his robot.  Jensen started reading it and it seemed a little over his head, but when I looked in his room hours after he went to bed he was still reading his book.  Reading it never ending story style might I add.  He is really enjoying it and feels grown up because this book has no pictures. 

I think this is the first book that he "can't put down."

He just grew years beyond the age I am ready for him to be.

May 29, 2011

The McDonald Conway Clan

The Whole group - minus one California family, and a Washington family... and Sam. woospie
He was asleep and we decided to leave him be.  It was crazy getting set up and using the remote trigger for the first time.  I couldn't find a part to my tripod and everyone was ready to go.  Maybe I'll Photoshop Sam in one of these days.  You know, when I learn how

The "Kids"
All grown up

All of the sisters and Grandma

This picture is a flash forward from the last family picture we took.
We did this same pose

Grandma and Grandpa with the littles
Ellie's expression is awesome!

I'm so glad we got these pictures before we left!  
We miss you all!

May 26, 2011

New Doctors New Nurses

Today was our first time going to the new hospital at PCMC.  It was strange to walk in the doors of the hospital that I had gone to all growing up, but haven't set foot in for over 10 years.  Oh.... I just got reminded of my age.  I can now say things like "over 10 years ago" and still be referring to a point in time when I was an adult.

Anyway, the main entrance is all new (to me) and the wishing fountain is gone.  I used to put a penny balanced on a brass girl's head at the end of the fountain.  It was gone.  The room where Barb used to do my EKG's is now the reception area for cardiology.  So many things were different, but so many were the same.  I'm pretty sure that all the art in the main hallway is the same from my childhood.  The Cafeteria is totally the same, and the echo rooms and cardiology rooms are still the same, with the exception of a few.  The only familiar face was Barb.  She looks exactly the same!  She is no longer doing EKG's, but doing pacemakers.  We had a great little visit and it was nice to have someone that knew me still working there.  My cardiologist retired and my surgeon actually just recently passed away. 

I am loving the new team!  The nurses/coordinators are fabulous and I stand by my previous statement that transplant coordinators are a breed of their own and they are all wonderful people.  We loved our Seattle team, and I already think these girls are great!

The nice thing about today was that Mia and I were able to do both clinic visits... all in one place!! Mia loved when it was "mommies turn" for the echo, ekg, and exam.  Mommy didn't have to get a poke, but I would have if they would have let me just to make her feel better.

She is the perfect little cardiology companion.  It was so nice getting it all out of the way in one visit.  I had to laugh because as I sitting in the exact same room that many of my echos were in (during Mia's echo) I couldn't help but close my eyes and doze off just like my mom used to. 

It was a great day at the hospital and daddy was even able to join us at the end of our clinic.  He was only a few buildings away and was able to meet the doctor.  She is great too.  All around I think we are going to love it at PCMC.  I am going to miss a few privileges (having my friend do her echos aka we NEVER had to wait) I had in Seattle, but I'm sure I'll be fine. 

To be honest we never even talked about her echo... we talked a lot of history and they told me how they kind of do things there.  We are going to go down on her prograf because it came back too high, but other than that I am assuming all was looking good.

In mommy heart news my root is dilated to a 4.67 ... so I guess a little up from last time.  It is difficult because it could just be how the tech measures.  Nothing significant really.   My new cardiologist is more on the side of not worrying about it until it is at a 5.5 as apposed to 5 with my previous cardiologist.

The day ended perfectly when my dad came home and asked me if my room was clean.  This is generally a code question for, "do you want dessert?"  more specifically an Casco bar.  Tonight however after both Ellie and I replied that yes our rooms were clean that my dad said he has a speical treat tonight.  When Ellie ran to get dressed (she was already in her nighgown) my dad informed me that Timp Freeze opened tonight.  We walked up and got some ice cream, it was tasty.  They didn't have my very very favorite treat from the timp freeze "toasted coconut dip cone,"  but I'm pretty sure I convinced them to bring it back. :-)  If anyone has been holding out for them to re-open... you'll be happy to know they still put tiny plastic animals in their ice cream.  Get Collecting!

I felt like a kid again today.  Going back to my old hospital (but I didn't load up on suckers this time)... having my dad reward me for a clean room.... and getting ice cream from timp freeze.  If I am going to be rewarded in my 30's (still strange to say) for having a clean room... Bring it on!  I guess you can't really come home without filling the role you did before you left.  The other night when I was playing catch in the yard with my dad he told me, "you don't know how long I've waited for this."  We had played catch the week before so I realize he means in general.  Better yet, I don't know how long he has been waiting to play catch on a regular basis.   The other night we were playing catch in the rain.  I don't know if he was toughing it out for me or if I was toughing it out for him... but I kept throwing that ball until he said we had better go in.  It is fun to be home.  My mom has been a saint this entire week taking care of so many sickies.  She is going to need a vacation!  Luckily that is just around the corner!

Last thing to mention... when we were walking home from the timp freeze I had to take my shoes off because I had a huge blister on my foot from my "fancy shoes" and it had gotten to the point of not being able to walk anymore.  I carried them in my hand that was holding a shake and had ice cream in the other and Ellie looked at me and in a very authoritarian voice  said, "you shouldn't have worn those shoes then!" I just laughed and walked home barefoot.

May 23, 2011

Farm Day

We went up to the "flyin O" last week
My dad's plan is for us to be up there every weekend- not joking. 
I lucked out with the job of driving the tractor.  Everyone else had to pick up rocks.  I felt a little guilty...chillin with air conditioning and a radio, but no one wanted to trade.  The kids had fun taking turns riding in the cab with me.  Mia especially enjoyed hanging out on the tractor.  She kept telling me it was "weely loud." Oh, and in case you were wondering pink felt visors are totally stylin! :-)

We cleared for quite awhile!  This field is void of all rocks now..big rocks at least. Thanks for taking these pics mom. She kept so busy watching kids, and fixing food, but she snuck in a few pictures as well.

Next task was to burn.  This is the highlight for all the adult males.  I heard John tell some one, "save me that stick so I can use it to poke the fire." My dad didn't stay in one place long enough for me to get a picture of him.  There was a good action shot with a chainsaw, but alas I was holding Sammer.

Little Abba... isn't she cute?
It wouldn't be a farm day without the 4wheelers.
While the boys were busy fulfilling their need to burn things, I took some pictures of the kids that were around.  
Ellie loved the farm!

Ikey is the sweetest little boy I've ever met.  He is sooo endearing!

Sam checking out these tractor wheels.  He is ready for bailing hay.
I think Suz took this pic, but I'm not sure.  

Little "Swide" was the perfect little subject to photograph.  She sat right down on that wheel, looked at me, and smiled. She wore her little "roveralls" to stay true to the farming day

Slam Jam went right to sleep the minute he got into this backpack.  I promtly took him out so I could hold him while he was sleeping.  I LOVE holding a sleeping baby...especially my own. 

This was pretty much the only time I saw Jense.  He was super busy.  He "rescued" a baby kitten that according to his description was: "tiny and tender." He was convinced that he was needed and along with Andrew they watched over the kittens for hours.  He wanted to keep one.  Poor kids- he wants a pet sooo badly.

Another pic by Suz or Mom- love the sky in this picture!  

Kenjo is getting a little too close to the flame.  I couldn't help but think of cool guys don't look at explosions. This isn't an explosion, but it had quite the flame going.

Nathan teaching his boy fire appreciation

"Hey Sinneee, come on, my mom wants a picture."

"Oh thanks for coming!"

"K, let's get this over with for my mom's sake."

"Wait for me!"

"Let's go ride that tractor!"

Sam warmed right up to Aunt Rae.  It must have been all the love on the long trip here.  You can't tell but Sam is refusing to go to daddy.  He want's his aunt Rae!  No offense dad, but Aunt Rae has this cozy blankey.

It was a great day on the farm!  
My favorite quote of the day was when Jensen asked,
"Mom, why can't we just live here instead?"

May 20, 2011

Big and Wise

Tonight when I put the kids to bed, I asked them what their "hopes and dreams" are.  Jensen's reply was: "well, I want to have a chain that comes from my pocket (and this point I am thinking.... oh great!) that hooks onto a button and when I press the button I can turn into a car and drive and drive, then turn back.  I want to be able to race the bus from school like the yellow bumblebee car."

Pretty good hope and dream so far.

Ellie's reply was: "I want to be a fairy, but I know it is never going to come true."  Jensen's interjected and said, "Yes Ellie, you can be a fairy- when you go to Heaven you can be an angel with wings and they are just like fairies."  I then tried to convince her that she could be a happiness fairy (she has done her fair share of complaining the last few days).  She said, "happiness fairy?!?" then started dancing around singing "happiness fairy... happiness fairy." I'll let you know how long it lasts :-)

Then Jensen started talking about how he was so excited to be baptized, and when he turns eight he is going to be "Big and Wise."  He said, "Mom I am really happy about that!"  I said, "about what" then he proceeded to tell me that he was really excited to be "big and wise"  after he is baptized.

I didn't want to tell him that I was baptized years and years ago and I still don't feel big and wise.

May 16, 2011

Saying Goodbye

 One week ago we said good-bye.  It was difficult!
These two little girls have the sweetest little frienship
I'll try not to cry as I type... makes for way too sappy of a post.

These kids mean so much to our family! They were at our house as we were loading the last of our life. It is always fun to run through a completely empty house.  They were hiding in closets, and climbing all the shelving.  I heard a few thuds, so I think they must have been jumping from the closet shelves as well.  The Eugenio's and the Pierces are both in our ward and have been a huge part of our lives.  The Eugenios are our family and the pierces might as well be.

Jensen and Ellie loved to play with their cousins and they got along perfectly.  They played a lot and were creative and imaginative.  Our backyards were heavily utilized on all of the sunny days.  Eli and Issac are legends in our home.  They have two other kids, but "Eli and Isaac's" is a household name... for our household.   Alice and Ruby were perfect friends for my kids as well. In fact a week or so before we left Jensen admitted to me that he "liked" Ruby.  This is funny because the girls had been accusing him of liking her for quite some time, and it actually made him mad/embarrassed.  I think once it all settled down  he could finally admit (to me only) that he did in fact like her.  They were pals, but she was the closest thing to a friend that was a girl that he had.  In ten or so years down the road, I wouldn't mind at all if he "liked" Ruby.  She is fun and sweet and just won an award in her horse show that she displayed proudly that entire day.  I was also her leader in my church calling, and I could have claimed her as my own.  Alice is the sweet younger sister that just goes with the flow.  She is great and Ellie loved playing with her.

Grandma came over to clean my house before we moved.  Bless her heart!  She spent all day doing all the jobs that no one wants to do.  Thank you soooo much! 

Aunt Rae was also a cleaning machine.  She went to town in the kitchen and didn't stop for hours.  My sister has some major work ethic, and I was so glad she was there!  I also need to thank some other people who helped me pack/clean to get ready for the big move.  Laura (who watched kids too), Heather, Anne, Rebecca, Rachel, Stephanie.... thank you so much for all you're help!  Moving is the least fun thing on the planet, and all of your help was so appreciated!  I must also thank the moving crew who showed up early in the morning and loaded up our moving truck... and a trailer :-)  long story.  I was so touched by the Warmoth family who came to help us one week after having a funeral for their sweet daughter.  I was so touched and impressed by their willingness to serve in their time of loss and mourning.  I purposely tried not to talk to Chris or I would have been a basket case, so I didn't and instead talked to his kids.  The faith of their family is astounding.  Thanks so much for coming!  Also to Dillon, Chris and Jeff who were practically there all day long... Jason, Mike, and Sean- you guys are great!  (I don't know why I am speaking to them like they read my blog... I know for certain they do not)  :-)  I can barely get John to read my blog :-)  They are great people- and their wives are good friends/sister. There may have been others who helped John who I didn't know about... so because he does not blog (or read mine for that matter) thank you for helping! 

OK, last but not least is the good-bye that made me cry as we drove away from the house.  Mia and Evie Stevie are the best of buddies.  I remember that Mia was one of her first words, and Mia wakes up in the morning asking for "EEBIE STEEBIE."

We are going to be Skyping every week whether her parents like it or not because these two girls can't forget each other.  Mia just adores her... and I feel like I single-handedly took her away from her favorite person in life.  Even though technically it was her daddy :-)  I still feel responsible.

I have one moving/goodbye post to go... waiting on a picture...then I should be caught up.

May 13, 2011

More days like today

 This is actually a combination of the last two days... blogger was out of order or something. The kids colored up the drive way in sidewalk chalk.  Sam enjoyed throwing the chalk and putting it in his mouth. 

 Then he took a stroll down the drive way.  His walking skills are increasing and he has walked all the way across the front room... it's so adorable.

 The kids were busy helping Nana plant the garden. 

 Mia planted this tomato plant...

 and was so proud if it.  I didn't capture the celebration but she clapped and exclaimed, "YAY!"

 Sam's big job was sorting all the tools and small gardening equipment.  He mostly threw things around, but he stayed busy.

Elvis is taking gardening quite serious in this shot.  

 Since we moved in a few short days ago, my mom has made about 10 of these ten grain loaves of bread (no all consumed by us).  We are all in love with it.  We eat it for sandwiches, with butter, jelly, apple butter, honey, and just plain' ol sliced up.  Although, there is nothing plain about this bread.  It is super tasty.  

On the topic of homemade goodness- this was picked fresh and consumed last night.

No one can get their fill of the ten grain!

Yesterday was an especially perfect day!  We got a lot done, and still made time for fun.  My sis Nat came up and we went on a walk with my dad, Mia, and Jense rode his bike.  The temperature was perfect...maybe a little on the hot side, but I loved the feeling of the warmth all day long.  John, my sister, and I loaded up the kids and went for a drive to see how the town has changed.  It has definitely changed, but still has so much charm.  We pointed out the places we lived before my dad built this house.  I only have a few memories from before living here. 

 After the walk, Sammy practiced walking back and forth between Nat and myself.  He wasn't walking his usual walk.  He was walking like Frankenstein and even paused every once in awhile to tense up.  Right before he reached his destination he would laugh and then immediately give a bear hug to whomever was the receiver.  He is so much fun right now!  The concentration mixed with terror when he almost falls down kills me every time. 

He also started picking  up the pace at the end of his destination.  Once he is about two feet from someone or something he will throw his head back and run...he just can't contain his enthusiasm. He kept walking out of the frame faster than I could get him back in.

We are off to a great start here!  My parents are fabulous and gracious to let us come and take over 4 of their bedrooms.  They had to move out sooooo much stuff!  I owe them big time.  My favorite thing about yesterday was sitting down to a meal that was all fresh.  We had fish that my dad caught that morning, asparagus from the garden, and delicious homemade bread.  I could definitely get used to more days like this!

May 9, 2011

We made it, barely.

I swore (not literally) that I would never ever attempt a drive between WA and UT again with my kids at this age.  My sister flew up and practically drove the entire way back to Utah.  Mia was a basket case the entire time and 20 minutes after my sister's turn to sleep Mia continually woke up and needed me.  It was Raegan's pre mother's day gift... from me to her.  No sleep for you!  Thanks Rae, you rescued me

I was dreading the drive alone, and was soooo pumped when she surprised me at the most fabulous 30th suprise party ever!! It was entirely over the top (blog to come) and two of my sisters came in for it.  It was the perfect good bye party!  There might have even been a flash mob involved.  I am excited to blog about it, I just need to download some pics.  I am still embarrassed by all the work that was put it to this. I have the best friends,family, and husberdin!  John and Rebecca did a great job sending people to lie to me to keep me from knowing anything was up. They totally got me! I thought I was headed to a restaurant.  There is much more to say- I'll wait for the pic's.      

Ok, back to Utah.  Yes we are here.  I can't remember the last time I stayed up practically all night... oh wait it was the last Utah trip.  Some people are blessed with car sleepers- I was blessed with cribby sleepers.  Sam was actually a champ.  He really did great!

Within hours of arriving Ellie had already made two new friends.  Twin girls her age live next door from us. She is pumped about that.  I took her to Kindergarten today, and she decided she was shy.  It was so crazy to take her to school in the same place I went to school.  Some of the faculty is still the same. 

Sadly the very worst part about moving to Utah so far is the weather!!! Yes, we brought the rain with us.  Yesterday when it was raining I had to laugh at my inability to escape the rain.  The sunshine has been calling my name, but sadly when I got here my dad informed me that a storm was coming and sure enough hours later rain was coming down.  not my favorite.  Hopefully the sun will be shining soon.  Other than the weather we had a little misfortune with Mia's meds.  My dad ran to primary childrens to get her a new bottle of prograf.  He has been quite the "step and fetcher" since we got here and has done so with a smile on his face.  My sister and I were laughing about how it's payback time for grandpa.  In our 2 days here he has picked up meds, diapers, milk, wipes, and a girl (Elvis) from Kindergarten.  Nana has been a busy bee too.  Hopefully once we get settled they can get back to their regularly scheduled retirement!  yeah right :-) Luckily they can escape to the farm when they've had their fill of children under the age of 6.  I say 6 because you just can't get sick of my seven year old- he is pleasant and helpful. 

John Boy is still on his way.  He starts school at U of U in a few days.  Are we really doing this?  Starting over?  Going into a medical profession instead?  The anesthetists I have chatted with at Children's keep reassuring me that he won't ever regret it.  I sure hope not.  It still scares me.  Mostly, anesthesiology worries me- it just does.  Maybe I have turned into an unnecessary worrier.  I know he can do it, I just worry about the responsibility. 

I am excited about our new adventure, but I already miss so many of our Washington people.  It hurts my heart knowing I won't be five minutes from so many people I love.  I have come to the conclusion that there will always be a pull to be in both places.