Sep 30, 2011

Spray School

While I'm blogging about Mia

I should mention that I took her to preschool.  

She calls it "spray school"

I tried to get a good pictures of her first day

but she just wanted to stick her tongue out at me and act silly

I will take the silliness all day everyday. 

Mia is still on the fence about this preschool gig.  One day she loves it, the next... not so much.  I am not too concerned about her being at preschool so we'll just go with the flow.  
Another first for my little princess.  

Sep 28, 2011

Mia Girl

I took this pictures of Miss Mees when we were headed to her first dentist appointment.  I don't know why the need to get her all fancy, but up until recently we didn't get out in public very often.  The dentist's office personnel thought she was adorable.  Rightly so :-) Oh, and she has no cavities which is nothing less than a miracle because of her bottle drinking.  I worked so hard to get her to drink it, it seems so mean to take it away, but it NEEDS to happen!  Maybe I should do a countdown.

Mia is developing quite the spunky personality and I couldn't possibly love her more.  Take this picture for example.  When I told her to smile she started to dance.  She sways back and forth quickly- slightly lifting her feet.  She doesn't bend her knees at all, and puts her fists up to her arm pits.  It's her own loverly little dance... the Mia dance.  She does this dance often... especially when music is on.  She is generally in such a good mood.  The other day my dad said, "there is no flies on Mia."  I didn't know what it means, I guess I still don't... but I think it means she is always happy, or nothing bothers her.  Ok, I just asked my mom... sadly I was wrong- I guess it means she is sharp/ clever.  I guess you could say I am covered in flies!!! :-)  woopsie.

She looks like a little doll in this picture.  Excuse all of the pictures... I just started using a different editing software and these pictures were the ones I started exploring the software with.  Actually, if you've been reading my blog for awhile now you will no that I post a ridiculous amount of pictures every post regardless of new software.  Anyway... yes, a doll.  She is so precious and delicate in this picture.  I just want to keep her safe from all the sadness and owies in her future.  On the medical front she is doing well. She has been battling a cold for a few weeks, but it hasn't slowed her down one bit. 

The super fancy head band is from one Mrs. Princess Pookie.  She sent me all sorts of goodies in the mail. It was wrapped all fancily... if her name was pookie it would be fancy!  Thanks Jo!

"Take a pitur mommy!"  When Mia does something cute... or what she thinks is cute, she will tell me to take a picture of her.  I of course am always more than willing to take a "pitur" of my girlie.  She does a lot of cute things... like when she grabs my face with her sweet little hand and says, "mommy, you're da bes."  We say that to her all the time, but when she says it it's like being given an award.

Another thing she says that is so fun is, "How 'bout????"  She is a fantastic negotiator right now.  When I ask her almost anything she will first reply, "How 'bout?" then she will come up with her own option.  She is especially adept when it comes to 'negotiating how many potty treats she gets.  She will hold up her fingers (usually three) and say, "How bout three potty treats?"  I usually give her two.  She will also call her potty treats "chocit."  We have had a long stretch of tootsie rolls and she thinks they are chocolate.  I have to say I sneak tootsie rolls like they were yummy chocolate.  I don't know if it's desperation for a treat, or if I am actually starting to appreciate the tootsie roll.

Mia is our little smarty.  She knows the sounds the letters make and can count pretty well. Thanks electronic devices! :-0  This girl knows her way around an ipad.  Daddy had to have one for school then quickly decided against it.  I tried to sell it on KSL, but selling it now would be taking away Mia's BFF.  My favorite app EVER is the primary song app. She is learning primary songs and will sing some of them when prompted.  Hearing her sing, "I am like a star shineen brighleeee, shineen a ho world a seeee" is music to my ears.  We have a talent show coming up, I think we have our star!

Mia is my little angel.  I can't get enough of her little personality.  She is affectionate and sweet and spunky and fun. She is our little miracle and I think about how lucky we are to have have her every day.  Our family wouldn't be the same with out her... and we definitely wouldn't be able to manipulate papa the way we do without her! :-)  She is our secret weapon and has her papa wrapped around her finger.  Let's be honest... she has us all wrapped around her tiny sweet little finger.  Love you Mia!

Sep 25, 2011

Back at BYU

My mom and I took a break from the kid craziness and went to EDUCATION WEEK!!!! It was the perfect place to feel inspired and appreciate your life.  It is also extremely motivating.  If you need motivation then education week is for you. 

The second class I walked into I saw one of my favorite people alive!  Sara was sitting there... as if a spot light was glowing on her head.  I love this girl!  We were friends at BYU.  It was crazy to walk around campus with her that day.  It felt like no time had passed since we ruled that school (not really) almost ten years ago.  We were also EFY counselors together which basically means we spent the cheesiest summer of our lives together!  It was the most exciting summer of my life... and Sarah was such a fun and spunky counselor.  THEN, after our single ladies days we ended up in the same married student ward.  Then we moved... then she moved... but we have kept in touch via blogs.  Seeing her was the coolest thing ever.  I wish she lived here.  That would be nice.  I haven't seen her since our Provo days, but we didn't skip a beat!  Sarah, it was so great to see you!  I can't wait until next year!  Now you have to come.... every year.... for forever! :-)

I also ran into a few of my Washington people.  I took a picture of Angela and I together, but sadly that picture died in the cell phone/swiss days tragedy.  It was great to see you too!  One minute after seeing the relief society president from my Washington ward, I sat next to my Midway one.  I am pretty sure I am hooked on Education Week.  I did miss out on the ice cream, but it was still worth it. I stood in line at the creamery, but didn't want to be late for my next class.  Priorities. 

Ok, for journaling purposes I thought I would document a few thoughts/ things I learned at Ed week.  

- First off Mary Easton Black pretty much knows everything.  
Her class about the Savior was incredible.  I didn't take notes... I just took it in.
- Linda & Richard Eyre had some very wonderful parenting ideas.  Everything we want for our children cannot be given to them.  Self esteem, motivation, happiness, initiative... etc.  What we can give out children is ownership.  Ownership of conflicts, goals, values, decisions, privileges etc.  In their home when their children would argue both parties had to go sit on a bench and couldn't leave until they both recognized  what they did wrong.  When the both recognized and apologized they were allowed to leave.  I love this concept.  I am so tired of being the ref in arguments... SO TIRED!  They said that one of their children learned the term "provoked"  early on and used it often when he had to go to the bench.  I loved this idea.  

Another thing that I am aware of but they really emphasized is how I only get these little people for 1/5 of my life.  It goes by so quickly and how I need to just love them up and cherish the moments with them.  I feel like I do this, but it makes me want to record their every waking minute so I don't forget how stinking adorable they can be.  1/5 of my life!  Aaaaahhhh!
Ok, so I learned sooo much. Truly I did.  It was overwhelming really.  I can't keep my eyes open to finish this post and I started it over a month ago... so I'm just going to end it, and you'll have to trust me that education week is the BOMB DOT COM WITH ALL CAPS ON (just picked that up from my nephew, ahem)

If you missed education week, and are in need of some encouraging words that I guarantee you will love go HERE: click on watch the video... or read the full text.  I would pick video because I love his voice/accent. President Uchtdorf gave the most wonderful talk to all of the sister in his relief society address.  I loved it... you will too.

Sep 21, 2011

Swiss Days Highlights

This is the place people... the only place to purchase bratselis.  They are divine.  John doesn't care for them... but then again he puts ketchup on tacos so I'm pretty sure his taste buds are a little shall we say.... confused?  I helped make the bratselis this year, but eating them after making them was frowned upon.  This booth was the first stop on m list. 

Honoring the veterans.... cute veterans.  This is also where you need to be to listen to all manner of yodeling.  Lots and lots of yodeling.

Mia was sick... first time since May.  Here we are waiting in line for the beloved bratselis.  I have had people ask me if she had a stroke because of her left arm.  I always say... no.  When i see pictures like this I wonder if I'm wrong.  She definitely holds her left arm like that a lot. hmmmm.

You can't tell really tell but her right arm is behind her back with her wrist touching her back... like she was about to get lippy with somebody.  She is so cute.  Her little hair buns fell out, but she is still the sweetest little peanut.  Hopefully next year she won't be sick and will enjoy Swiss Days a little more.

I volunteered in the PTA booth... cause I'm all PTAish like that.  It was actually really fun working in that booth.  They made me wear a hat.  I tried to tell them that hats don't work with gargantuan ears, but they insisted.   So, I wore my hat... and sold cotton candy.  It was great!

A few hours later I also worked in the Swiss Taco Booth.  This is my friend, she is almost as excited as I was. Working in the Swiss Taco booth was definitely crossing an item off the bucket list for me.  I have ALWAYS wanted to work in that booth, but was never in the right ward.  My life is complete now ;-) It's time for loftier aspirations I suppose.

Lemon Yodels- new to me. 

Bratwurst is a Swiss Days favorite.  I thought it was disgusting growing up, but now it is rather tasty.  It's funny how things like Rye bread used to be poisonous in my mind, but now I would consider rye bread extra fancy.

Gross! What is that you ask?  Why it is my cell phone covered in bratseli mush.  Bag with leaky water bottle + cell phone + freshly purchased bratselis= one sad day for me.  I think i was a little more upset about the bratselis, until later that day.... then I needed my phone back.  It is still sitting in rice and it's been a few weeks.  I'm pretty sure it's not coming back.

Luckily Nats gave me an extra bag of bratselis and a spare phone.  She is my utility knife sister.  We had a lovely time walking around checking out all the stuff we didn't need... except for bratselis.  Everyone needs bratselis.  On our walk home we stopped at timp freeze and tried to convince the owner to bring back the toasted coconut dip cones.  He said that he wanted to, but couldn't find it.  I told him I would take care of that for him... and I did.  One google search later... and my hope of eating my favorite dip cone is within closer reach.  We'll see if it actually happens, but if it does you can bet I will blog about it. 

I know I have lived out of state for the past decade, but I completely forgot about the Jazz.  Oh yes! The Jazz!  Go Jazz!  

This little dude had some seriously Michael Jackson moves.  

Had to get a pic of the "fighter fighters" for my pops.  He used to wear this get up.  After he would go fight a fire he would bring home MREs.  We would open them up thinking they were sooo delicious.  The astronaut ice cream was delicious, but I'm pretty sure everything else tasted like cardboard. 

Mia waved intently at Smokey the Bear.  

Just a little shout out to our home teacher... who sells insurance... and is a master at the fiddle.  I wonder if you go in his office if he'll play you a song?  Probably.  or not.

Pooper scoopers.  

Sammy got a little stuffed "dog dog" that he was in love with.  he didn't let it go for one second, which led to a very sticky sticky dog dog.

The major bonus about the Swiss Days parade is the lute.  John was shocked with the amount of stuff they give you at the parade.  We were at the very beginning and got everything from rings to stuffed animals to t shirts on down to cookies, popsicle, water bottles, and a ridiculous amount of candy. He said, " woah, this is the parade of all parades!"  To that I say, "Yes, yes it is!"

Until Next year Swiss Days!  

Sep 17, 2011


Sammers has been entirely left behind on this blog, but not in what is going on in our lives! If you were wondering how the swirl at the front of his head is working out- well here is a pretty good representation of what it looks like on a daily basis.  John Boy wants to cut his hair... my mom likes it long.  Who will win in the end?  Probably daddy because he takes matters into his own hands.

Here is what he is up to-

He is one happy little dude.  He smiles nonstop, laughs like he just learned how every day,
and is just such a fun kid.

He gives me kisses and gives them to me any time I ask.  It makes my heart sing. 

He is starting to turn on me a little however... like all my babies seem to do at 18 months- with the exception of Mia. She skipped right over the naughtiness. 

He is really animated and likes to do things to make people laugh.  His latest move is to climb under the glass table and stand up quickly bonking his head on the glass so Mia, and who ever is watching will laugh.  The two of them laugh hysterically and keep doing it until we pull them out.  It must hurt their heads, but they do it anyways.

"MORES!"  Sammy has been signing more for awhile now.   I love when he asks for more.  He uses it for things other than food... the cross over is adorable. When he waves goodbye I look at him like he is my first kid to wave goodbye.  Those little wrists are so sweet.

"HEH WOAH!"  When he says hello, you are compelled to make him keep saying it because he says it sooo cute.  I need to get it on film, because I swear it's the cutest thing I've ever heard.  The other day we were just outside hanging out and he kept poking his head out of the fred flinstone car saying "heh woah" over and over.  That's it, his "heh woah" needs it own post. 

- He does this little shuffle scoot around the house... it is his little dance. He marches in place for a few seconds then goes forward and backward and sometimes spins.  He keeps himself pretty entertained.  I love it! 

- He is a super intense dancer.  Anytime music is on this kid has got the beat.  He flaps his hands like they are burning and spins around in a circle.  Then he will stop and sway side to side, then he will move his head around like Stevie Wonder.  He has all sorts of moves at only 17 months old.  

-He is getting a little mean spirited.  Using his hand flapping techniques... he tries to play it off like hes dancing, but he will walk over to Mia flap intentionally...right at her body... and he hits her, and it's mean.  She cries and he feels no remorse.  This is a new development... I don't have it in my parenting repertoire to handle this.  I remember Jensen and Ellie would fight when they were little, but Elvis knew how to defend herself.  Mia is slowly figuring out that if Sammy isn't around it's better for her well being.  She has requested a few times, "Sammy go ni-night?"  I am trying to teach her to run away... she likes that idea. I think think he likes the reaction he gets from us, so we are back at the drawing board.

-He grabs the shades... looks for an audience... then when someone is watching he slams them repeatedly into the window.  Then laughs. 

Despite being busy and a bit of a bully to his older sister he is the funnest little toddler with so much personality.  He is just pure fun.  He makes so many different faces and has his own little language but can communicate.  He does say the following with real words
- Ba (bottle)
- buh buh (bye)
- Mom, momma
- Dada, dad
-Dat (that)
- Heh woah (hello)
- yes 
- no
-OUT! out
- sauce (soft)
- Nana
- Up
- ought oh
- maa! -kisses

It's funny but sometimes Sam can repeat exactly what we say.  It is bizarre... something totally out of the blue, but he says it crystal clear the first time, but will never repeat it.  

Sep 15, 2011


This girl consumed more "Melmen" this summer than any other single food.  
She loves Melmen and I love her. 

Sep 13, 2011

Need for Speed

Joy riding through the neighborhood

Hey kids! Where are your helmets for pete's sake??

Ellie and Jensen are little buddies these days 

There seems to be a lot of deal making and negotiating now that the "scooter" has entered our lives. 

Pees and Carrots and Aneminies

Sam and Mia get a long for the most part.  HOWEVER... and it is a big however... they like to pester each other.  This particular day they were teasing each other with peacock feathers.  In general, Mia will stand next to Sam and yell which delivers the exact result she was hoping for.  He swats her.  Then she will scream some more and he will back away then run back and swat her again.

Update:  Mia has learned to run away

Update #2  Sam Sam is now the one running away.  Mia has discovered that she is older, stronger, and faster.

For the most part Mia is super sweet to Sam, but there are a few items that you don't mess with... like anything shuboo for example.  If it has a strawberry shortcake on it and Sam touches it... Mia's vocal chords kick into action.

They are kind of in a groove of taking turns, which is really nice for me.

- you can tell from this pic that potty training is going GREAT! aaand we were cleaning out the garage... in case you were wondering about the junk/ peacock feathers.  We don't usually have peacock feathers kicking around.

Action Jackson Hole

JACKSON!  Can I start of by saying that most of the pictures I took are JUNK! The tiny blue camera I have might as well be in the garbage.  It is awful.  Thank you Ken for coming through with your fancy phone camera. 

We walked around for a smidge... and then ate at a super yummy Thai food place.  My mother has instilled a love for Thai food in all of us.  I think we are all half 

We first went on a "Joy ride" down a calm part of the river with hardly any rapids.  It was super relaxing and our guide told us some good stories about celebrities, runs of past, and his super clever jokes.  Oh, and he told us what tetons really means... as if we didn't already know! Maybe it is part of the job description to fill everyone in.  He was actually a good story teller... I didn't tell him that but I should have.  Would you believe me if I told you that the shorts I am wearing were my "warm ups" when I was in Drill Team... in High School??  Some things just can't leave the closet I suppose.  I love these shorts! I have probably worn them more than any other single item of clothing. If there are any other drill teamers out there reading my blog... do you still have yours?  I would love not to be in crazy camp solo.   

Suzie was getting ready to jump in.  Not really... it was just really really cold in the morning.  We got there early... and the sun was visible in the sky, but we couldn't feel it.. at all.

There was a massive stuffed Elk outside one of the shops.  I took some pics of Ken kissing the Elk...I mean pretend kissing cause that's just gross, but the camera... oh the camera.  If the kids didn't love it so much...

I guess you could say I am going through a phase where I can't be normal in any pictures... or maybe it's just the way I have been my whole life.  Me and my slisters.  and our deer friend.  he he. 

Nat- is super funny- that's all I have to say.  She used to blog... then she stopped.  It's disapointing really because she's gots jokes.  I just love the pose.  Que song "somebody to love" by Queen. 

Pretty sure only certain personality types can get away wearing this shirt.  
It did make me laugh though.

Here we are on the "raging river" or whitewater part.  Nat and I were "riding the bull" for awhile then John decided to join us for "lunch counter" and "big Kahuna."  
This is the picture where we were having the time of our lives. 

This is the picture where I almost died.  Seriously.  I couldn't breath and I swear we were underwater for longer than you should be in order to continue breathing.  John fell on me... I fell on Nathan... and then he hit me with his paddle.  It was all fun and games until your life flashes before you on the snake river in Jackson Hole.  Actually it was really fun, but I will not be riding the bull next time... I will be in the back... with the guide man.   Sadly the water that slammed into my face took my sunglasses with it.  I guess that could have been a good thing because I was told they weren't in style. 
  I wonder how many pair of sunglasses are in that river. 

Paddle meeting my head, water up my nose and in my ear....but totally worth it!  It was such a fun trip!

Things I want to remember about the trip are:

- getting to watch movies in the back seat (kids have it soo good) The back seat is where it's at.
- listening to Brian Regan, and laughing hysterically even though I've heard it all before.
- Having two of my sisters attack me when I was turned around getting something out of the back.
- Shopping at Shopko- good times.
- Calling my mom to see how kids are going and hearing her say "Put that down!" to one of the kids
- Watching my sister play Oregon Trail for 2+ hours
- Eating almost an entire bag of "fav reds" starbursts
- Ken's fancy chocolates, they were good... except the one that tasted like cleaner
- watching international house hunters

It was a great trip!  Thanks Jackson Hole!