Oct 30, 2011

5 things I wish I could bottle up today

- When Mia helps me fold laundry she quickly smells each item of clothes before handing it to me.  She takes a big breath in when the clothes are next to her nose.  I love it.  She does the "stinky test" after the clothes are washed.

- How Mia talks in the 3rd person... all the time.  "Mia's turn now... pease!!" "play in Mia's room?"  "Mia go get in tubby?"  

- Sammers.  His entirety.  He yells, "dans" and waves his arms spins in circles, and sways back and forth.  I love it. He sure loves his music and can also yell, "MINE!" when Mia tries to take away his tunes. 

-The look on Ellie's face when we praise her for doing something sweet. She is a an approval sponge.

- Jensen's willingness to sing loud for FHE.  He will sing, and he sings well.  I hope this lasts.

- How John says "wang chung" for many things that hold different meanings.   When he gets hurt "Wang chung!" when he wants the kids to hurry... "come on kids! wang chung."  When he has to go to the bathroom, "I'll be in the bathroom... wang chung."  I think he thinks it is a good closing to any sentence. It's bizarre and funny... and just totally him.  He has certain go to phrases he uses often and most of them make sense besides "wang chung." I don't even know what Wang Chung means... and I don't think he does either.

I guess I don't need to bottle this one up because he will be saying it for years to come I am sure.

- Samers willingness to give me kisses when I ask.

Well, it was more than five... whatever.  Wang Chung.

Oct 26, 2011

All Aboard the Pumpkin Train

"All Abooooaaard" is what we heard Papa yell when it was time to get on the train.  It is pretty awesome that Papa works on the train.  It couldn't be a better fit really.  He has always loved trains and now gets to literally "play trains" for his job.  Here he is taking tickets.

A mommy with her monster and a strawberry boarded the train.  Dressing up isn't necessary... but it really is if I'm the mommy.  There is a costume quota that must be filled before Halloween.  Mia pretty much wants to wear her 'shoo boo cake dress"  everyday.  It's gonna need a good washing for Halloween night.

Jense got this awesome air force jump suit from a friend in WA.  He is in the same boat as Mia.  He wants to wear it all the time... and he does.   He isn't even going to be an air force guy for Halloween, but we didn't have his costume ready yet.  He's been wearing it so much maybe he'll change is mind and spring for the air force get up instead of the vampire. 

The pumpkin train is pretty stinkin' awesome.  You board the train... get off at the pumpkin patch... pick a pumpkin... get back on the train... decorate the pumpkin.... eat hot cocoa and cookies.... head on back. 

All the kids with their Papa.  The cutest thing EVER about my dad working on the train is now when Mia hears the train whistle (we can hear it from the house) she gasps and says, "Papa!"She has added, "choo choo train today?" to her requests to her Papa.

Sammers can say "choo choo" now.  It was a post train ride vocabulary word. 

To say I am in love with these kids would be an understatement! 

All of these kids! 

After everyone picked out their pumpkin they got busy putting on their pumpkin faces. 

Mia kept saying, "woah... heaby (heavy) mom... really heaby"

They are pretty proud of their pumpkin faces.  


I just love this pic.  She was fascinated with all of the wind surfers right out of her window

Now he really is a monster... three eyed monster!

"tees"  Sam is all about "tees" lately.  I am too! 

It's a little difficult to see them, but there were a bunch of wind surfers out that day.  It has been such a warm October.  In fact, I felt a little bad for my kids in those costumes because it was HOT!

Lovely view from the train.  This is pretty good advertisement to come ride the Heber Creeper eh?

This surfer broke free from the pack.  We watched him wipe out. Jense got a kick out of that. 

If you need a wonderful fall activity come on up and say hi to my dad.  He will be the one yelling "all aboard."  They also have a Spooky train... I hear it's scary.  They also do a Polar Express in the winter... can't wait for that one!  Thanks for the train ride Papa.

Oct 24, 2011

Nana and the big 60

This post is about my mom, but thought I would throw in this pic of her parents.  It was Grandma's birthday too right after my moms.  Don't they look like kids?  I also have a picture of my grandma walking the beach in her bathing suit, and had to laugh because right when I was getting all these pics ready for my mom to take to Oak Harbor I saw this commercial.  It's true.... grandma was a hottie!  

What does one 60 year old want for her birthday dinners? 
- Pulled pork Sandwiches
- fruit  with fruit crack
- delicious salad make by Rae
- chocolate costco cake... yes the one with the chocolate shavings... mmmmm
- Homemade grape juice with a kick.  
- Cheeeps

Meener babiner was the perfect party guest.  Those little fingers are constantly in her mouth... I ask her all day long to get her fingers out of her mouth.  She no listen.

Jense and Andrew chowin down

The birthday girl... this is a courtesy smile.  
I constantly have my camera in her face. She'll get used to it :-)

Snats and Sammer Jam.  He has a thing for brunettes

We planned a little variety show for her big day.  The Bown kids did a bang up job of singing "Na na na na you say it's your birthday!" 

They had a few skits a la scouts, and also sang "My Gran" to the song "My girl." 
Loved it! 

Uncle Nathan painted a picture of Nana.  
He is the artist of the family.
You can hire him if you want- he too can paint you!

Kye sang a little ditty called, "you are my sunshine"
He changed the words... it was super cute. 

Suzie sang and played La guitarra
She is the vocalist of the family

The Mcdonald fam demonstrated their only talent... dancing!  
Mia was shy of course.
We also made a slide show of her life that I made all fancy but because I didn't have the blasted connector cord from my computer to the projector I had to transfer it a different computer to show it.  The computer didn't support it...so much for all of the time I spent making it fance.  She still loved it and still got to see all the pics to the tune of the Beatles no less. 

Sam tried awfully hard to get adopted by my sister Rae. Raegan Bown chica bown bown.  
With a name like that... what male (baby) stands a chance!
He loves her... the most. Last time we went to their house he made a b-line to her arms. 

Nats and Mees walked home with her sad "banoon."  
This past week Mia kept wanting to call "Nan Nats" (Aunt Nat) so when we got her on the phone Mia convinced her to come up... ok ok it was me... but she came for Mia.  Mia, no one (besides your family and grandparents) loves you like our "Nan Nats" We took her shopping and Nat got to witness the sheer excitement of seeing ordinary items like apples and cheese in mass quantities in a store.  
She is so much fun! "look look look!!! BANANAS!

Sinee and Mees were little buddies.  
Give these girls some glasses and they will be quite entertained. 
After the party Sinee had stowed away in my van and I had no idea.  Her mom asked me if I had her and I said "nope."  When we reached the house she piled out with the rest of the gang.  Turns out I did have her.  She's blonde... about Mia's height- I'll blame it on that.

I tried all weekend to get Alyssa to love me.  She is the opposite of Sammers and wants nothing to do with anyone but the momma.  She warmed up a few times and I got her to play a little here and there, but it was over quickly when she noticed that her mom wasn't around.  It was so great to have Jess and Alyssa here.  One evening after we got all of the kids to sleep Jess and I stayed up really late in my bed.  When any sisters come to visit- John gets the boot!  Totally kidding... he was studying downstairs.  Anyway it was one of those nights when everything was funny.  I would tell her about a funny/random/odd experience and she would reply with, "I can one up you on that..." and she sure did.  She has some funny stories.  I think at one point I fell asleep while I was laughing.  How is this possible?  Is it my age?  because I have 4 kids?  I have never before fallen asleep while laughing.  I'm so glad you flew in Jess... it was such a fun night and thanks for your help with the party.

Cake time. Mia looks pretty serious about getting some of that
"chockit cake"

While we ate chock it cake we watched a little movie for her b-day.  I interviewed the kids about Nana and as you can probably imagine the answers were adorable.  None of the younger kids knew her real name.  When I asked them what nana's real name was they all said,  "Ummmm Nana?"  Another one of my favorite responses was to where she worked before she retired.  My favorite response was Pizza Hut!  Oh and according to the kids she has average age of 15.  These kids sure love their Nana.

Gift time.  My mom has always wanted a Minerva Teichert painting, and she loved this one!  She was also given the DVD 17 miracles which we stayed up watching after the party.  After the DVD Jess told us a bunch of stories about our ancestors.  The girl reads books about our ancestors... how cool is that?  I felt like a little kid soaking up all this information she had for me about our geneology.  I really should get my hands on those books... I was fascinated.  I took a geneology class in college, but haven't really revisited it, except for cataloging here and there since.  Thanks Jess for all the history.

All of the ladies minus Boon Docks.  She has a wee litta babus back home.  

Well Mamacita you are 60.  You look like your 40... 45 tops!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Thanks for being the most wonderful mom and grandma.
I think the world of you and am so glad I have this time with you.

Oct 20, 2011

Air Hockey Superstar

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will know that I am married to a, how shall I say this???... a man who is always trying to get me to laugh.  Mr. Jokester.  This is pretty much why I married the boy.  He cracks me up.  You never know when it's coming... and sometimes you miss it all together... like this por ejemplo:

A little background- over the course of our marriage I have been in charge of all the forms/documents...basically anything  "official."  That is just my department.  When I first wrote his resume back in 2002 I never planned on updating it as much as I have.  Now that he is entering the medical field I needed to completely revamp the entire thing.  A few weeks ago he decided to apply for a part time job while he is in school.  He emailed me his resume to "fix up." and I did.

ONE PROBLEM-  there is a section at the bottom that pretty much stays the same and is basically  just a space filler.  I added the things that applied to the position he is trying to get like when we were in-home care takers for Josh etc.  I 100% ignored the last section of the resume because his "Accomplishements and Special Talents" haven't really change...knowaimeen?

Tonight he pulled up the resume that I emailed back to him so he could go review it and prepare for any questions they might have... this is what he found when he read the resume he had already SUBMITTED along with his application.  Aaaaaahhhh!  Go on... read his special talents and interests.  

Accomplishments & Special Talents
Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA), Fluent Spanish speaker, College Honor Roll, Rice-Eccles Scholarship recipient, Ricks College Business Scholarship, Eagle Scout, Hot Wife, Working knowledge of Internet and Microsoft Office suite, Honest, Self Motivated, Hard worker.   Currently impotent and can’t make babies. Air hockey superstar.  Bed wetter extraordinaire.

I don't know how he even got called for an interview.... I mean, "bed wetter extraordinaire?"  I think that the people at the hospital either thought it was funny or they actually just have to lay eyes on the guy who put this stuff in his resume.  I'm betting on them interviewing him out of curiosity.  

John was completely expecting me to laugh at his goofiness and take out his "extras," but that section was completely over looked... completely.

Well his interview is tomorrow and I am DYING to know if it comes up... or if they ask about his problems, and Air hockey superstarness.

I have been laughing so much tonight that I think I pulled something.  I will be more thorough in the future.  Lesson learned! Maybe "hot wives" shouldn't be in charge of revamping resumes.  

Wish him luck!  He's gonna need it! ;-)

The corn maze of all corn mazes

Thanksgiving Point only lives (or exists) by one word EXTRAVAGANT. 
The corn maze was loaded with activities for kids... and I mean loaded. 
We only made it through about half.  

First stop was the jumping pillows.  Sammers was intrigued but due to lack of a nap he was pretty clingy.. I think on a normal day he would have been all over it.  I had to jump with him and he cracked a few smiles, but not his usual enthusiasm.

Jense was in love and after two minutes of jumping was scheming on how to get one of these in the yard.  They are quite interesting, and the pillows should have been our last stop because the kids could have stayed for much longer.

Ellie ran from pillow to pillow jumping like she had never jumped before.  She jumped with Mia every time she went to the little kid pillow.  Little Mia is always getting instructed by her older sis.  Little Ellie just wants her to have fun... and takes it upon herself to ensure that it happens.

Jense jumped really 


Mia enjoyed the pillows, but quickly found another activity.  She ran from activity to activity gasping with excitement when arriving at each new thing.  

She was especially fond of the "down da hill."  

Someone at TP... TP... he he  is an exceptional craftsman and built many a play structure. 
The kids really enjoyed the boat. 

Mia's little face when she is having fun is such a mommy payday.  Every time we take her somewhere I feel like she thinks we're at Disneyland. 

My little cougar.  Sweet, tired little cougar.

They had tunnels going through big hay stacks... 

We took a tractor ride through the corn fields.  
I love Ells in this pic.

Tractor races.  We peddled tractors that went surprisingly fast. 

Mia kept saying "woooo."  She gets this from me... I say "wooo" a lot.

Sammer still being a tough crowd.

At least daddy is having fun.

Our final stop, which was a big mistake because they only got to stay for a few minutes was to the princess area.

They had a little area to dress up in a princess dress.

Then they were off to take a pretend ride in a carriage... or on the fancy horse... you pick. 

Mia is really really into "pule pule" lately and was thrilled about wearing a purple outfit.  She also wanted to climb into that bounce house.  She stood at the door for awhile not quite sure if she should... but finally went in for about 30 seconds.  This girl loves a good bouncy house.  I wish she didn't... I just think of all the germs and I have to close my eyes. 

They had a stage and music going for the little princesses to dance. 
This is Mia's too shy to dance expression.  adorable.

Eventually she warmed up and did some princess twirling for the audience (the random people sitting there).  Ellie was born for the stage and had no problem dancing with people around.

My two girls!  One pink lovin, one pule pule lovin.  I can't get enough of these girls.  

Mia was wiped out from all of the excitement she fell right to sleep on my sisters couch.  I'm almost positive this is the only time she has fallen asleep on a couch. 

Cornbelly's you are by far the fanciest corn maze (we didn't even do the maze) we have ever visited.  We will definitely be going again... possibly this season because there is still so much to do!