Dec 27, 2011

Christmas Morning and celebrating Jacob's life.

This Christmas was wonderful.  Christmas morning is exponentially more exciting as a parent of four small children, than any year I can remember.  It was a great morning... and I think everyone was really happy with the gifts they received.  As always... here is an entirely too long blog with entirely too many pictures.  That's just how I do it.

First up, Mia received that "purple one... Mia" sleepbag she was hoping for.  She has enjoyed it these last few days and can now participate in all the sleeping bag ghost games. 

Santa brought a lot of treats... too many treats really. 

Santa found a deal he couldn't refuse on Jensen's #1 item.
It was very worth it! This kid was ecstatic about his new gadget. 

Little mis Happy is jumping for Joy... literally.  
I don't think she really believed that all the goodies were for her. 

A little sampling of what was in the stockings.  Everyone gets new headphones from Santa.. YAY!  Headphones disappear like chocolate around here.  It seems someone is always needing to be plugged into something.

Mia was thrilled at her tray full of goodies!  
I can't say I blame her- those white/vanilla tootsie rolls are YuuuumEEE!

This is the end of the crazy/sleepy normal Christmas morning hair-do's because after they saw what Santa brought we had to make a mad dash to church.  Our church is super early!  Which worked out nicely on this day.  None of the kids put up a fight at all- it was lovely.  I wish I had a picture of them all ready for church on Christmas Day, but they were like little ninja's already changed and ready to open gifts before I walked through the door. 

We took turns opening gifts one by one.  Mia got involved with opening gifts besides her own and watching her opening all of those gifts was a gift to us all.  

We made the mistake of letting Sammers open his "CHOO CHOO" early on in the game. 

He absolutely loved it- and didn't want to open anything else.  

We had to pry him away from the "CHOO CHOO" to get him to open anything else.  He sure loves his train.  I kind of wish we still had our train table.  I'm sure he would spend all day bellied up to that thing. 

Miss Mia opening up gifts for her Papa!  Pistachios are the perfect gift for him.

Ells got her number one wish... a walking/barking dog.  She also got her American Girl doll clothes.. and two new winter coats.  She cannot find her coat EVER! Now at least we have a few more to lose. 

Ellie is such a gifty girl.  She mostly likes to give gifts... but it's fun to see the look on her face when she receives them!

Sammers refusing to be disturbed while playing with his new train. 

New outfits... I think she had them all on the doll before we were done opening gifts... there were five new outfits.  Joanns is the BEST place for new outfits- if your girls are into American girl dolls.

Naners got some curlers from Boonie.  These curlers will forever remind me of my mom.  I think these are to serve as replacements... they are the exact curlers she has used my entire life. 

My boys!  Sammers did take a few breaks from the train to load up on candy. The kids got some excellent gifts from their grandparents this year.  Thank you grandparents for the cute clothes, yummy homemade jammies, and sonicare toothbrushes.  My kids are so lucky! I will post pictures of the outfits/PJ's as soon as I take them :-)  Maybe I'll even get a picture of them all brushing their teeth :-)  It's always sad not to be with all family members around Christmas. 
We sure missed seeing you all at the holiday gatherings. 

I should have known that Mia and Sam would want to own that dog!  Christmas morning quickly turned in to Christmas fighting once that dog was out of the box... not to be confused with cat out of the bag ;-)   Everyone needed a turn... and 1 year olds aren't keen on sharing.  

The kids were so happy with their gifts which made for really happy parents!  The night before Christmas we stayed up watching the nativity, and you tube videos about Jesus' birth.  The kids were captivated and wanted to keep watching.  I would have let them just fall asleep with me, but I still had lots of gifts to wrap and I would have hated from them to be awakened up by Santa. 

A few hours later the troops showed up.  We had a lovely Mexican Dinner with the most delicious enchilada sauce known to man.  My mom and I cooked everything all while listening to THIS CD.  I couldn't stop laughing.  After a few hours though... I had to turn it off.  Once we turned on a Christmas CD where actual humans were singing i was shocked to learn that Mia knows quite a few Christmas songs I had no idea she knew.  I know they were practicing some at preschool, but couldn't believe how many words she could recall from various songs.  She has "up on the rooftop" down pat.

Sammers finally gets his turn with the "dog dog."  Sometimes I wish we could have pets for the sake of my kids.  Sam would just just eat up a little puppy.  He really would.  He loves my sisers dogs, so I guess that will have to do for now.

My sister and I planned on giving these monster rice krispie treats bricks to my dad to be funny.  He loves rice krispies... a lot.  After we bought them at the store the kids (hers and mine) needed a bribe, so we had to sacrifice one.  It's not as funny  to get just one, but it is still an unusually size rice krispy treat.  He didn't laugh... but we were laughing... we had been holding out for over a month. 

After dinner Papa set up his trains.  This was the highlight for Sam and Mia.  It was fun to see the train whiz by all aglow.  We turned the lights out and just watched the train. 

The train is so fancy that it smokes as it is going around the track.  Sam was fine, until he was by himself in the corner when the smoke started  puffing out of the train.  He was terrified.  I rescued him from the scary train, but couldn't stop laughing that it was the smoke he was afraid of.  So cute. 

Boys and Trains.... I don't know which they like better...trains, or electronic gaming devices.  

Throughout my youth at Christmas time I have very distinct memories of laying next to the train... as close as possible without getting hit.  Despite convincing myself not to blink the next time it came around, I always blinked.  The train always went around the tree (not possible with Sam this year) and I think it must have had sharper corners back then.  

Mia tried it out... but wasn't close enough to be afraid for her life... I mean her face.  No blinking. 

Yep... that's how it goes... one second you're brave... the next you are sure that the train is going to smack you in the face!  

Little train conductor Mia!

She just wanted to stop and start the train over and over.  
She also likes to hold down the whistle button for a long time.  

Girl's like trains too! Ellie, Mia, and the doll Ellie didn't let go of for 24 hrs enjoyed their time as conductors. 

Jense wants one of these trains next year... good luck Jense! :-)  
Thanks for getting the trains out Papa... it wouldn't be Christmas in Utah without them!

After all of the kids had a turn running the train, we gathered to sing Happy birthday to our sweet angel baby Jacob.  He was born on Christmas Day and we celebrate his life everyday via our little Mia, but we have a tradition to sing to him on his birthday.  He would have been four years old on Christmas day.  We love and honor him and his precious little heart which has been our biggest blessing.  It was really touching for me to have a lot of my family singing... "dear Jacob."  It's almost more  than my heart can bear- to think of his moma on his birthday.  We love you both! 

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 23, 2011

Boo visit

My little sister has the cutest little "squirrely" girl ever!  This is her first time meeting her Grampa.  She thought he was fine and dandy, but was fascinated with his reading glasses.  

While Ava was busy with her grandparents her mommy was busy giving Mia loves.  I do have to admit that it is extremely easy to love this little girl.  She is sweet and polite and full to the brim with adorable things to say. 

As usual Ellie wanted to keep Ava.  No one loves babies as much as my baby.  It's true!

Mia waiting patiently for a turn and got Ava giggling. 

I don't think that Mia has held another baby besides Sam.

I'm pretty sure she was enjoying herself. 

Ava, anytime you come to visit you are guaranteed non stop attention and a couple of girl cousins who want to keep you... for keeps. 

While we sat and visited, the kids needed their daily dose of rough housing.  Aunt Rae taught us this new fancy "circus trick."  We usually just hold them by their feet... but this is much more comfortable. 

Sammer Jam turns into crazy baby when he gets up in the air.  I can't hold him anymore because I am too afraid to drop him.  For some reason John is unaffected by his squirminess. 

I'll stick with the "sit and drive."  
My sister recently hurt her back... hopefully it wasn't all of the foolery that messed her up. 

Mia turned the front room into a racetrack. 

We learned the hard way that all fun and games comes to a screeching halt if one of the racers decides to run in the opposite direction.

I wish I had more time with my sis.  It stinks that they will probably always live out of state.  I guess I lived out of state... but now that I'm home I want everyone home :-)

LUCKILY- they flew back into town the week after.

 This time she brought along her husberdin. 

We had a lovely time visiting and ended up going on the train AGAIN with her family.  I'm glad we went because Mia got really into it this time and participated in singing songs into the microphone.   She went up probably three or four times to say "HO HO HO" loudly. 

Sammers is still terrified of Santa... although in this picture he looks intriqued.  When I told my mom to try and put him on Santa's lap he immediately started clawing his way back to Nana.

Jense asked Santa for a DS, and a remote control helicopter.  I think remote control helicopters have been on the list for three years running now.

Mia asked for "Christmas pesents" again.  So sweet.  Although the other night when the kids were playing in their sleeping bag Mia kept asking for a turn.  I asked her if she wanted a sleeping bag and she said, "yeah... sleeping bag Mia... a purple one."  You better believe that she'll be getting a purple sleeping bag come Christmas morning.  :-)

Ells wanted a furreal walking dog, and American girl doll clothes.  I think I might have already mentioned this in the last post I did about the north pole express... I rode the train three separate times so the experiences are running together in my mind.  

If you didn't go on the train this year... plan to go next year.  My kids loved it!